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LIVE The Walking Dead thoughts - Episode 4-8

Be sure to click the link below for my LIVE thoughts of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.  Obviously, spoilers are within!

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10:09 - about that....

So, the Governor is dead...THANK GOD!  I still don't understand how the Governor always gets the upper hand in all of his have Merle (who was a general bad ass) and Rick (who was a Sheriff and went hand to hand with manic muscle head Shane), yet Governor bested both of them?  Anyway, I hate him so much (in the right way) and I'm happy he's dead....and I'm happy Michonne got to do the deed (or the first half).

I'm watching Talking Dead right now (which I usually don't....because so many of the guests are intolerable) to get confirmation on Judith's fate.  The obvious interpretation was that she was gone.  Was she eaten?  Or were they just sparing the viewers from having to see a dead baby?  Or perhaps those kids were smart enough to pass Judith along to the others on the bus?  Because otherwise, they went from super awesome bad ass to the worst babysitters imaginable.

And now we find our crew in a precarious situation.  Herschel is dead.  As best as I can tell, Beth, Maggie, Bob, Tyrese, the kids, Michonne, Sasha, and Daryl are still at the prison.  Rick and Carl ran off to God knows where.  And Glen and the auxiliary characters are on a bus to, I'm not sure.  And then there's Carol.

What did you think of the mid-season finale?  And what do you expect for the second half of the season?

9:45 - Oh man, you just KNEW Herschel didn't have a chance.  The amount of times they zoomed into him and the amount of times he smiled and felt just knew that the end was near.  What an incredibly awesome character.  Would any death have been as sad?

9:34 - That was pretty exhilarating.  And I'm glad that stream got deeper, because I couldn't help but scratch my head over why they thought they'd be safe from ankle deep water.

Another strangely admirable thing about The Walking Dead:  Not even children are safe.  This series has a surprisingly high child death rate.

9:24 - I love how ONLY the characters in the opening credits ran outside when the gunshots were heard.  Did you also take note of the way they panned over to Daryl for the reaction shot after the Governor revealed that he had Michonne held captive?  They're really having him move on quickly, aren't they?

9:20 - After three weeks, we FINALLY got that Daryl/Rick confrontation.  Did it live up to your expectations?

9:18 - I liked that line....  "You know, our anniversary is coming of these days."  Do these people even know what today's date is?  Just another example of what the world has turned into.

9:11 - I'm surprised Herschel hasn't brought up the obvious point.  If Governor truly loves these people and he truly just wants them to be safe, why doesn't he ask Rick and co if he'd take all of THEM, without him being part of the deal?

9:03 - Arguably the most dangerous person is a charismatic one.  And the Governor is both charismatic AND dangerous.  That's for sure.

I do have to admit that I thought for a moment, we were going to see the end of Herschel.  Which would have devastated me.

8:52 - Same rules as always. Obviously, there will be spoilers within. Once the episode has ended and the post is complete, I'll do a page break for those who visit the blog after tonight but have not yet seen the episode. But for tonight -- BE WARNED! -- there will be spoilers posted as they happen. And speaking of spoilers -- I avoid them at all costs. I don't know what's going to happen in any given episode beyond what we see in the official previews.

 So if you'd like to contribute to the conversation, please do not reveal anything that has not happened yet! And that includes what happens in the comics, which I do not read. Thanks!! So this week's episode will be the epic battle between the prison and the Governor in our mid-season finale. Check back in about 5 minutes and I'll do my live thoughts of the episode.

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