Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pinstripe Bowl -- an update!

I'm going!!

But it wasn't without a little effort.  After receiving the news that our ticket requests would not be honored (again, despite our credit card already being charged), I took to Twitter and saw that there were many people that had experienced the same thing.  And they were pissed as well.  I decided to reach out to my friends and co-workers, to see if they had any extra tickets, but unfortunately none of them did.

We then discovered that they were still selling tickets on Ticket Master.  Of course, these tickets were both more expensive and less desirable than the ones we originally had.  My group -- which had shrunk from one person, who decided he no longer wanted to go because he was so annoyed with the way Rutgers handled the situation -- decided to just go for it.  We're paying for the unique experience and, personally, I don't often get to see Notre Dame play.  Plus, I had an awesome time last time we went.

So we ended up ordering tickets that cost over $100 (including fees) and we're in the nosebleeds.  Nonetheless, I'm psyched.

Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!!

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