Monday, January 6, 2014

LIVE Old School Raw thoughts - January 6, 2014

11:13 - While it didn't necessarily make sense from a storyline perspective, I kinda love the fact that Jake Roberts got his own special entrance (and he looks great!)  And I especially loved the fact that CM Punk (of all people!) reminded Jake that they're PG now, when he saw Jake trying to stuff the snake down Ambrose's throat.  Fun ending -- hope this means Jake is going to be in the Rumble.

10:48 - Yeah, let's poke fun of Mean Gene for plugging his hotline.  For more exclusive footage, check out the WWE App!

10:38 - I don't know what it is, but I kinda love the way Wade Barrett rises from stage left -- where he must have been completely visible to everybody else on the stage -- to give his bad news.

10:18 - It just occurred to me that we live in a world where Daniel Bryan is a heel and Brie Bella is a face.

10:12 - Where in the blue hell has AJ been?  When's the last time she wrestled on Raw?  And am I ever going to get that AJ/JoJo match?

10:11 - Did Michael Cole just say "A pretty good match" is coming up on Main Event?

10:04 - Anyone else feel like Big Show would be a waste of a Brock Lesnar match?  Hell, why not just do a proper feud with Mark Henry and an actual match at Royal Rumble?  At least that would be a fresh match.

10:01 - Loved Heyman's "That arm goes up!"

9:56 - I have to say....I really hated this agreement Brock Lesnar signed.  He was never around long enough to gain any real momentum.

9:47 - Sgt. Slaugther just more offense on Damien Sandow than Dolph Ziggler has in the past couple months.

9:37 - Are Booker T and DDP in a garage or something?  What's with the random door?

9:36 - Glad to see Cody and Goldust get the win here.  They seem to be treading water with the Real Americans.  It seems like they'll randomly have the Real Americans win non-title or singles matches, but then lose the title match.  And then it'll happen again.

9:32 - So why exactly do we have to download the App if they're going to replay it on Raw?

9:23 - Unfortunately, no old school look for Goldust.  And in fact, GOLDUST of all people descended into the t-shirt entrance attire habit.

9:16 - Using an App to vote for a wrestling match nobody actually wants to see.  Just like the old days?

9:11 - I actually have no issue with Hunico taking over the role of Sin Cara full time.  I know the character has been tarnished quite a bit, but I actually like the look and idea of the Sin Cara character.  He's unique and has a good look.  If they have a guy who can pull off the role -- even if he's not the original guy -- why not use him?

Also, I hope he wins this match.  Can't stand Del Rio.

8:59 - The Shield has grown on me significantly since the summer.  What I love about them is that they're actually unique characters.  Each of them are dastardly in their own way.

8:58 - Gotta love Dean Ambrose.  He just looks like a scumbag.

8:47 - I'm guessing that they're announcing the Network.  They're using the Network logo in that announcement, after all.

8:44 - It sounds like a little thing, but I wish they brought more attention to the motivation behind keeping Kane's mask in the executive dressing room.  Is it a passive aggressive message being sent to him from Triple H and Stephanie?

8:34 - Curious booking there.  They didn't seem to hint at any intentional pot stirring from Bryan.  And they didn't put much emphasis on internal issues with the Wyatts.

8:29 - Glad that they're still referring to him as "Daniel Bryan" and not the rumored "Daniel Wyatt."  That wouldn't have made sense -- Rowan and Harper maintained their last names.

8:24 - Would've been a nice touch if Bryan wore maroon coveralls.

8:12 - I missed the first five minutes or so, so I missed the opening theme -- which upset me a bit.  I always like the old school theme and style set against the current Superstars.  But gotta say, I like the red, white, and blue ropes, the "classic" WWE logo, and the guard rails and folding tables in place of the usual sleek ringside.

We can see that John Cena is wearing jeans, going old school (although I wish he took it a step further by wearing throwback jerseys too).  I'm hoping we see Goldust in his old gear (basic pale gold and white) and simplistic gold "Crow" facepaint.

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