Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WWE 2013 Year-End Awards

It's that time of year again!

I trust everybody had a fun and safe new year, but that means that 2013 has come to a close.  Which, in turn, means that it's time for our annual WWE Year-End Awards!  Since I have a Basic account, I'll only be able to view the first 100 responses -- so please take a moment to fill this out ASAP!  Last year I sent this link to Scott Keith to post on his blog -- which he kindly did -- and the response was astronomical and as a result, I couldn't even view all of the results.  I'd like to make sure MY readers get the first crack, so get on it!


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Kyle Litke said...

I went with:

Superstar of 2013: Daniel Bryan

I think cases can be made for Punk and Cena, but both had injuries at times, both had dull periods, etc. Bryan really had an excellent year and cemented his place.

Breakout Superstar of 2013: The Shield

The only other one I considered was Cody Rhodes, but the Shield have essentially been in the main events since the year started, and have actually held their own there.

Most disappointing 2013: Ziggler

You could make a case for almost any of these guys (don't think Sheamus only because he was sidelined due to injuries). Ziggler started off so strong this year and then fell off completely to where he's doing nothing of interest now. I considered Ryback as well, but I don't think Ziggler deserved to "fall" to where he has, whereas Ryback is pretty limited.

Poised for most successful 2014: Roman Reigns

I could see most of these guys having good years (although I'm unfortunately not convinced they really care about Sandow), but Reigns is the one who seems primed to skyrocket to the top. He could work as a monster face but, unlike Ryback, seems like he could work as a monster heel too (Ryback might have been able to if he wasn't saddled with the stupid laughing bully gimmick, and if they treated him like a monster heel and not a chickenshit scared heel). A few others could have huge years.

Shocking News Item: Titles unified

I only picked that because it came out of nowhere with barely any time to prep for TLC. Most of the rest wasn't that shocking to me. Bruno was a surprise, but I can't say it was shocking, since they have been moving away from the things that had bothered him before.

Best turn of 2013: Del Rio

I picked Del Rio only because you didn't include the awesome Mark Henry heel turn (I know I could have written it in but I was on my phone taking the survey and typing is inconvenient). Henry's heel turn on Cena was fantastic and easily my pick...barring that, I thought Del Rio's turn on Ziggler was a story they told really well. A lot of the other turns either sucked or were fine but nothing spectacular to me (Punk just sort of was suddenly a face again). The HHH heel turn was fine and I like him better as a heel, but I haven't enjoyed where the storyline has gone.

Best Return: Goldust

No doubter to me. I was never even much of a Goldust fan, but I really respect that everytime he gets "one more chance", he makes the most of his opportunities. He had a great match with Orton and has been one of the highlights of Raw since teaming with Cody. I had been interested in a possible Cody VS Goldust match at WM, but now I'm rooting against it because I don't think it's time to break up this great team.

Next First Time WC: Roman Reigns

See "most successful 2014". That said, with only one title again, it becomes a lot harder to predict. Truthfully, I picked Reigns largely because he's the only one on that list I could see winning the title this year. If both titles existed, then I could see Cody, or Big E maybe, perhaps Ambrose or Bray Wyatt, but with only one title, Reigns is the only one looking like they could actually put him at that level anytime soon.

Coolest Facial Hair: Zeb Coulter

Love that glorious mustache.

Will the Network launch in 2014?: Yes

In some form, yeah, I think so. Probably as an online/app type thing rather than tied to a cable network. Getting the cable/satellite companies on board was always the biggest problem...if they go to online, then there's no real reason it shouldn't launch this year, whether it's next month or toward the end of the year. It's time to put it out in some format and get going.