Sunday, January 26, 2014

Royal Rumble Thoughts & Predictions

One of my two favorite pay-per-views is tonight, the Royal Rumble.  Amazingly, if the WWE Network plays out the way I anticipate, this will actually be the VERY LAST PPV I WILL EVER ORDER!  That's kinda a crazy thought!  Anyway, here are my thoughts on the show.

In the individual matches, I say Bryan beats Wyatt, Orton retains against Cena, Brock beats Big Show, and the Brotherhood beats the New Age Outlaws.  Now, onto the Rumble itself....

We know CM Punk is #1.  I say he lasts about 40-50 minutes.  Who will be #2?  My guess is Dean Ambrose.

If Ambrose isn't #2, I predict he's one of the final four.  No matter when he enters, I predict that Big E Langston eliminates him to build up to a unification match.

As expected, Roman Reigns gets the honor of being the person to make the most eliminations.

Returning Superstars will be Sheamus, Christian, and Evan Bourne.

Surprise, non-contracted Superstars to make an appearance will be (and I haven't read any spoilers, nor do I want to know):  Jake the Snake, X-Pac, DDP, and Chris Jericho.

I predict that they're being deliberately vague about Bryan's entrance in the Rumble because, if it's a surprise, it'll get THAT much more of a reaction.  So, yes, I do think he'll be in the match.

Final four:  Batista, Bryan, Del Rio, and, I don't know, Damien Sandow.

If Bryan is not in the Rumble, swap Bryan with Big E Langston.  If Ambrose is not the #2 competitor, swap Sandow with Ambrose.

And who wins?  I'm going out on a limb and saying that Bryan wins it.  If not Bryan, Batista.

Anyway, I will be watching the show visit the blog at 7:30 for my LIVE thoughts of the pre-show and the event itself.  Should be fun!

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