Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lots to look forward to on the blog!

I have a big work event on Monday that I've been prepping for over the past couple of weeks, which may be why I haven't updated the blog all too consistently during that time.  But once that is past me, I'll have time to get to the items I've wanted to discuss for quite some time.  So, over the next couple of weeks, look forward to the following blog updates:

  • The results of the WWE 2013 Year-End Awards (still time to vote!)
  • The Walking Dead mid-season review
  • The Vampire Diaries mid-season review
  • Once Upon a Time mid-season review
  • Oh, and an examination on the character of Walter White!

Be sure to visit the blog next week for some of these updates!


Dr. Love said...
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Javier Rivera said...

What are your thoughts on the new WWE Network?

Matt Basilo said...

Ah yes, I'll do a post on that as well! Long story short -- definitely giving it a 6 month shot!