Thursday, January 31, 2013

Barber Shop Window: Coexist & Million Dollar Man Tuxedo

NOW I definitely think it's fair to say to say that I'm addicted.  Over the holidays I decided to nab two more t-shirts, both at the price of $14.99.  One was quite possibly my favorite shirt that Barber Shop Window has released yet -- the Coexist t-shirt.  You've probably all seen those Coexist bumper stickers, with the word spelled out with different religious symbols.  The message being that while we may have different beliefs, we should able to live together in peace.  This shirt follows that same line of thought, but instead of religious symbols, each letter is represented by a different famous wrestling logo.  The "C" comes from WWE's WCW logo.  The "O" comes from the nWo logo.  The "E" from the ECW logo.  The "X" from D-Generation X.  The "I" from Hulkamania, the "S" from SmackDown, and the "T" from TNA.  I love this shirt.  It arrived on Saturday and I wore it on Sunday.  Well worth the wait.

The other shirt was the Million Dollar Man Tuxedo shirt.  Based on the classic tuxedo shirt -- a black t-shirt with a white shirt and bowtie printed on it -- this shirt takes a nice twist with the design of the Million Dollar Man's classic outfit.  I enjoy this shirt a great deal, but I can't help but feel like they're going to continue releasing different colors (they're already offering the green version), and I'm going to like THAT one more.  I actually do prefer the black/gold over the green/silver.....but if they were to offer the gray/purple or white/gold, well, then I'd be in a pickle.

I ordered the t-shirts on Christmas Eve, and received it on January 26.  So, it was just over a month -- which is longer than their anticipated time frame.  But I will give them the benefit of the doubt here, since it was ordered over the holiday season and they probably got a lot orders at the time.  Plus, as I said in my prior post, I really stopped paying attention to how long the shirts take to arrive.

As I always say, the shirts are well worth the wait.

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