Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Royal Rumble Predictions

Alright, be sure to check back later tonight for my LIVE thoughts coverage of tonight's Royal Rumble (one of only two PPVs I'll always buy).  I thought I'd give some quick predictions on the show.

I predict that EITHER Rock won't win the WWE Championship OR Cena won't win the Royal Rumble.  One will happen, but the other seems a little obvious.  I also think there's a chance they'll end the show with the WWE Championship match, not the Rumble match.  Although I hope that's not the case.

As far as the Rumble goes, here are some guesses on what will happen:

Dolph Ziggler will get the marathon man treatment and will last longer than anybody else.  But he won't win.  Also, if the title matches are after the Rumble match, I could conceivably see him cash in.  But if that happens before WrestleMania, I see them waiting until Elimination Chamber.

Kane will break HBK's all time elimination record.

Ryback will have the most eliminations out of anybody in this year's match.

I've managed to avoid any and all spoilers regarding surprise entrants (since I want them to be a surprise), but here's who I think could appear:

John Morrison, since he still seems to be on good terms with the company and they do drop his name every now and again.  If he does appear, I see him and Kofi Kingston simultaneously do one of those defying near eliminations.

Bob Backlund

Diamond Dallas Page

Billy Gunn

Ricardo Rodriguez


We'll also see at least one big return. Possibilities:


Mark Henry

Rey Mysterio

That's all I got right now.  Enjoy the show!!

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