Tuesday, January 1, 2013

VOTE NOW! WWE 2012 Year-End Awards

Happy New Year, everybody!  I hope you all had a fun, but safe and responsible, conclusion to 2012!

It's become a bit of a yearly tradition for the blog, but the time has now come for me to ask you to vote in my 2012 Year-End Awards!  It's a fairly quick, 10 question survey.  I'll keep the voting open for a couple of weeks, and will begin posting the results at the middle of the month.

Kindly spread the word as well.  The more votes, the merrier!  Thanks!

VOTE NOW!!  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6PSJZ8G

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Kyle Litke said...

I went with:

Superstar of the Year: CM Punk

Held the title all year, really not much of a question for me. I might put Bryan second. Cena would not be in my top three I don't think...he's ahead of Rock and Brock, who weren't around enough despite their impact, but I'd put Punk, Bryan, and probably Sheamus ahead of him. Show would be a tossup, only because Show has had the World Title for the last few months.

Breakout Star of the Year: AJ

ALMOST voted for Bryan, but I think his "breakout" started in 2011. Ryback would have been fine too. The Shield definitely could and had a hell of a match at TLC, but haven't been around long enough for me to vote for them. Cesaro has been excellent but hasn't really "broken out" to me in the way I'm thinking. I like the PTP but they haven't done much, nor has Clay. Surprised Ziggler wasn't an option, I wouldn't have voted for him I don't think, but I thought he "broke out" this year more than PTP or Clay.

Most Disappointing: I voted for Clay just because they never really seemed to know what to do with him and never tried anything beyond squashing some jobbers. Almost anyone on this list could have worked.

Most successful 2013: I voted for Cesaro. I think they're on board with him and I think we'll get big things from him this year.

Next first time World Champ: Went with Ryback. I would not be at all surprised if Cesaro wins one late in the year (as MitB winner perhaps), but I don't see the other five winning one, and I do think Ryback will end up World Champion at some point, perhaps earlier than Cesaro (who may or may not even win one).

Most Successful Turn: Went with Punk mainly because I think most of the others sucked or remain to be seen (AJ for example). Kane turning face was a possibility only because Bryan and Kane have been fun, but I think it's clearly Punk.

Most Shocking: Went with Lesnar.

Best Youtube series: Are You Serious? easily wins for me, although I haven't watched JBL and Cole yet.

Will the WWE Network launch?: No, but if it's ever actually going to, I could see a launch date being announced this year for 2014. I think we'll know sooner rather than later though...if we haven't heard in the next few months I'd be surprised if it launches this year at all. Can't see them suddenly announcing it in, say, October, to launch next month. There's too much involved in getting cable networks on board, getting programming set up, etc.

End Brand split, unify titles?: No. The brand split is essentially over and has been for a long time. They very vaguely acknowledge it occasionally, but only in terms of the WWE title being a "Raw" title and the World Title being a "Smackdown" title, and even that gets ignored much of the time (Big Show JUST defended his title on Raw). People from "both shows" have been appearing on both Raw and Smackdown for a long time now. I'm honestly not that sure why people still talk about the brand split like it's a thing. They just have two belts that are "World title" level that appear on both shows when they feel like it. I don't expect any formal acknowledgement of the brand split being over because I think it already clearly is. My no is because I don't expect the titles to be unified...I think there are some pros and cons to doing that, but I think the idea of being able to put two title matches on a card is something they like. Plus it enables them to have something like Punk's year long reign while still having another title for the other guys to fight over.