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Cloverfield Solution/Explanation

So I know a lot of people were disappointed with Cloverfield, due in large part to the lack of explanation regarding the monster. Anyway, some guy on offered a thorough solution, answering pretty much any question you might have. After reading it, I think you'll have a greater appreciation for the movie (it may also make you want to view it again). However, the administrators at IMDB keep deleting the post, so I thought I'd copy and paste it here.

Click below, obviously Cloverfield spoilers lie within.

References for Viral Marketing:
Password: jllovesth (note: it's double "L" in lowercase, not double "#1")
Diagram of falling object:

I've sorted this info into sections:
Section1: Rob's Job, and Tagruato's Activities
Section2: The Parasites, and Marlena
Section3: Jamie, Teddy, and TIDOwave
Section4: Lily's Survival, Beth's Shoulder, Rob's Friends Joining Him, and the Indestructible Camera
Section5: Hammerdown and Clovie
Section6: Slusho's Secret Ingredient - Sea Nectar, and Its Side Effects

>>>> Section1: Rob's Job, and Tagruato's Activities
Rob was going to Japan to start his job as Vice President of Marketing for Slusho in America.
Slusho is owned by Tagruato.
The secret ingredient in Slusho (which is a slushee-type drink) is taken from "something" at the bottom of the ocean.
Tagruato's mining platforms in the ocean also doubled as harvesting stations for this special ingredient.
Somehow, Tagruato's activities were more suspicious than we thought. TIDOwave was wise to this stuff, and tried to do something about it.
Teddy, Jamie's boyfriend, joined TIDOwave to help stop Tagruato. Teddy got caught. Jamie didn't believe it; she thought Teddy was cheating on her. So she became an alcoholic, and the last time we see her is on Rob's couch, passed out.

The object falling from the sky is a piece of a Japanese satellite.
The Tagruato website even has a fake article mentioning this.
My theory is: Tagruato realized they were being spied on by satellite (Japan's satellites, to be exact). So they staged a sabotage, which caused a "piece of satellite to fall to the ocean". This would allow Tagruato to continue their mysterious activities, without any nearby satellites taking notice.
That's my theory about the object falling from the sky.

Whatever Tagruato was doing, they either awoke Clovie, or lost control of him. The Manhattan Incident is a direct result of Tagruato's corruption.

Also, a Tagruato article states that TIDOwave agents were to blame for Chaui Station's collapse. This is Tagruato's attempt to cover up the fact that they're actually doing something suspicious with a giant monster. Thus, it was Clovie who destroyed Chaui Station.

Also, Chaui Station was near NYC; it was in the general vicinity in the Atlantic Oean. Clovie just so happened to arrive in NYC because it was the closest land mass he could reach - he was running away from Tagruato.

Tagruato's subsidiaries seem to be very suspicious:
Yoshida Medical Research - Genetic research, and deep sea bioprospecting
Slusho - Narcotic effects
Bold Futura - Supplying the satellite which captured images of the object falling into the ocean
Parafun Wax - Preparing specimens for histology (study of skin tissue)
>>>> Section2: The Parasites, and Marlena
Some of you believe the bugs are symbiotic creatures, living on Clovie. But they're actually parasites.
There's bits of evidence here and there.
"Parasite" was one of the working titles for Cloverfield. Knowing JJ Abrams, you can take that as a clue about something. In this case, it's a clue about the bugs.
Secondly, Clovie scratched them off his back. Why? They probably made him itch, such as parasites will do.
Third, this has to do with Clovie being impervious to bombs and missiles, and also to do with Marlena exploding: The parasites create a very strong acidic enzyme that eats through flesh with explosive effects. Clovie, being immune to bombs, will barely develop an itchy bump when a parasite bites him. But if a parasite bites a human, the human will explode (because we can't cope with the parasite's venom like Clovie can).
>>>> Section3: Jamie, Teddy, and TIDOwave
Jamie and Teddy were a couple.
Teddy went away on a job of some kind. This detail is actually obsure, but we know he left.
Jamie sent Teddy video blogs about how she misses him, and about what she's up to.
Turns out Teddy actually joined TIDOwave: A union of extremists bent on bringing down Tagruato, and stopping Tagruato's ecologically-dangerous activities (such as their involvement in Clovie, the monster).
Teddy sends Jamie a distress recording in which he divulges the following statement "They either made something, or they found something". The "something" here is Clovie.
Jamie doesn't buy it; she thinks it's Teddy's cowardly way of admitting he's been cheating on her.
The next thing we know, Jamie's passed out on Rob's couch.
Oh, and Jamie and Teddy are loose-knit friends of Rob: That's why Jamie was at the party; all friends were invited.
Teddy is probably dead, having been murdered by Tagruato's dirty-workers.
>>>> Section4: Lily's Survival, Beth's Shoulder, Rob's Friends Joining Him, and the Indestructible Camera
Rob's friends went with him because they chose to.
Rob told them on two clear occasions to let him go by himself.

Lily survived; this is obvious because Hud simply makes no mention of Lily being in danger - he makes no mention of her helicopter.
Although, it is plausible that Lily died afterward, but the events in the movie itself do not allude to it.

Throughout the movie, before Hammerdown is executed, the camera is only dropped twice. These drops didn't necessarily look very harsh. Therefore, it could have survived in a very plausible way.
But when Hammerdown is executed, it is possible that the camera was trapped in a tiny cave of rocks. It probably wasn't crushed. Instead, the rocks piled around it in a way that actually protected it. SD or Video Tape - I actually do not know how to answer this. Based on the other amazing functions of the camera, we can assume it's a fictitious model. Therefore, we can assume it probably reads/records using both SD and Video Tape. The SD probably recorded the forward and backward activity of the Video Tape as one progressive product. Thus, playing the SD forward will show you the movie as it appears to us at the theater.
The battery life did NOT last 7 hours. Hud ONLY recorded what we saw in theaters. It is meant to be shown in its raw form.

Beth was impaled just below the left collarbone, and above the left breast. Her aorta and carotid artery were missed, as they're in the neck, and stem down into the general area of the lungs and heart. Her lungs and heart were perfectly intact. If anything, her left arm would've been numb.
Also, the rod was attached to a chunk of cement. Beth fell ON TO the rod. It pierced the entire girth of her upper torso, having entered through her back.
>>>> Section5: Hammerdown and Clovie
It isn't a nuke. If it was, the camera wouldn't have survived. There is simply no question about it. And yes, the camera DID survive - it managed to record the voice of SOMEONE saying "It's still alive". As for this being Rob's voice, we can't be sure. It is possible by some stretch.

Why did Clovie STAY in Manhattan for so long?
The military wanted to make sure they didn't lose their sights on him. If Clovie jumped back in the ocean, he would be a lot harder to track.
Therefore, the military attacked him from all sides, at all times, to ensure that he remained on land. This would, in theory, allow them to control him more easily (god knows that didn't work).
>>>> Section6: Slusho's Secret Ingredient - Sea Nectar, and Its Side Effects
If you follow the viral marketing, and you read the fake news articles, you'll find that Slusho appears to contain mood-inducing chemicals. For the most part, it makes people happy. It is possibly a narcotic.
Also, there is a fake commercial for Slusho, which depicts a man savagely trying to get at some Slusho. We are lead to believe that Slusho can cause an addiction.
Jamie tastes the secret ingredient, unknowingly, when she eats the raw sample sent to her by Teddy. Jamie expresses her enjoyment of the substance, stating "This is really good". Keep in mind though, the sample came with a warning explicitly stating NOT to eat it.
Later on, Jamie becomes unstably angry. This is likely due to something in the raw substance.

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