Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick TV Thoughts: Lost & Survivor

Aside from the lack of comments, I'd say last week's stream of consciousness was a rousing success!

Anyway, I've started working a temp job this week, and the ride home has managed to be an atrocious mess each and every night. So right now, sitting back, relaxing, and watching two fine shows is a very nice breath of fresh air.

By the way, be sure to check out Inside Pulse's awesome new layout. While we're at it, here's last week's Lost column.

Click below for my spoilerific thoughts on tonight's Survivor and Lost.

- In their latest column, Murtz and Michelle (love her!) brought up an excellent point, namely that the editing last week sucked. It didn't occur to me, but they're absolutely right. Last week, characters went on and on and on about how Mikey and Mary were the closest allies (a sentiment that was echoed in the opening), and it hit me that I don't recall them even talking for any significant amount of time, ever.
- Nevertheless, Mikey made a good point: That power play was completely unnecessary. On top of that, it was just DUMB. Any fan of this show should know tha the WORST thing you can do is show that you wield the power. ESPECIALLY when you're a big, strong, physical threat. It would have been much wiser for Joel to let Mikey think (and better yet, make everybody else think) that he's calling the shots.
- Just to show you how stupid Joel's actions were, consider that an astounding THREE words were capatalized in the previous point
- It would be very, very wise for Cirie to go with Jonathan, Eliza, Yau Man, and Amy. I mean, c'mon, how can you NOT see you're going to be the low person on the totem pole when your alliance would be two couples?
- Is Jeff wearing a Survivor hat? Isn't that like wearing the t-shirt of the band that you're watching in concert?
- Joel hitting Yau Man with the tackle was sad. James blocking smomebody as Yau Man ran for the N-Zone was awesome.
- Jeff played pretty rough with the ladies.
- I don't know what the difference between Jonathan now and Jonathan during Cook Islands, but he's a lot of fun watching. He's a character, but not in the same way that Johnny Fairplay is a character. And I love that he's wearing a fedora.
- Isn't Yau Man, like, always the first one to get a point for his tribe?
- Not to sound sexist, but I was initially surprised that The Fans had so many women carrying the net. But, I suppose, it worked.
- While Jonathan does come off as pretty slithering during his talk with Cirie, I do have to admit that he has a point. Again, common sense speaking, Cirie has to realize that with two couples, she's the odd person out. On top of that, Amanda and Parvati are closer to each other than either of them are with Cirie. I think she hitched her wagon to the wrong horse. In fact, I'm tempted for all of them to just vote Cirie off, and go into their next tribal council into a tie, letting the best team win. She's playing both sides, and not very well.
- In fact, I think that's the way they should go. Jonathan and co. vote for Cirie, and hope that they can convince at least one of the other four are annoyed enough with Cirie that they'd vote for her too. I'm surprised nobody broached that possiblity.
- I hate, HATE Parvati's constant "I know people just think I flirt to get guys to do what I want." Yet every season she's in, that's exactly what she's done. AND you admitted to so much earlier with Amanda and Cirie.
- Cirie, in fairness, Jonathan hasn't lied yet this game (as far as I can remember). You have. And the smug, proud look on her face after Yau Man got voted off annoyed me. I sense another Stephenie LaGrossa situation here, where a person goes from one of the most popular during their original season, to one of the most disliked during their return.

- Aside from being an awesome allusion to season two, when Ben was being held captive in the hatch and was manipulating Locke on a daily basis, the opening scene exemplifies what I've been saying for a while now: What took these people so long to move into the barracks?
- "You just totally Scooby Doo'd me, didn't you?" Awesome.
- How many characters have used the "do me this and I'll tell you everything" argument? Further, how many characters fall for it?
- Kate's lawyer looks exceptionally familiar. Has he been on the show before? Or do I just remember him as the bad guy in Frequency?
- Locke has really embraced the Mr. Mom role, hasn't he?
- It's eerie seeing Future Jack and Future Kate together. Particularly given how tense they seem to be. Interesting, though, that he claims that only eight survived. We know six get off the island, who are the other two that supposedly didn't survive?
- I love how Sawyer and Hurley are roommates. Just awesome. Honestly, Sawyer and Hurley living together in the barracks could EASILY be a sitcom.
- For those wondering:
1. any payment extorted by intimidation, as by threats of injurious revelations or accusations.

1. Law. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority.

Yeah, Miles, it was another great one-liner....but they're pretty much the exact same thing.
- With all the references to Kate having a son, and with her and Sawyer now doing the nasty, I'm sure we're supposed to believe he impregnates her. I have a feeling that we'll be getting a twist instead, though (like that perhaps that she is raising Aaron as her son).
- Locke's scene with Miles = awesome.
- I know she had to slap Sawyer for what he said in bed the next morning, but c'mon, he was right on the money.
- The way Kate's face lit up when she realized she HAD to stay in the state confirms that something is up. She does NOT want to go back to the island.
- TWIST! I knew it!!! By the way, this episode also possibly cleared up the ending of last season's finale: Kate was referring to Aaron when she said "he'll wonder where I am." And things with her and Jack are so hostile because he was unable to be a part of their lives, perhaps?

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Javier Rivera said...

Lost was awesome this week. It made sense for Kate to be prosecuted for her past actions and they answered why Kate was free on last season's finale. They are doing an amazing job with the flash-forwards because although we know what the future holds for some characters, we are dying to know just what the hell happened on the island before they were rescued and what makes Jack and Hurley so anxious to get back. Anyway, the trend of good episodes continues and I don't see it ending any time soon. Great review as always Matt, Cheers!