Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick Thoughts: Thursday Night TV

What did I think of tonight's episodes of Smallville, Lost, and Survivor? Click below to find out (be warned, spoilers be inside).

- I loved the graphic of Clark entering Lex's thoughts, with a wormhold created by cube-esque clips from past episodes.
- While I liked the idea of adult Lex attempting to kill Alexander (the younger version of himself), I could have done without Clark's sledgehammer comment "Why would he want to kill you? Aren't you the good part of him?" The scene wasn't that deep, give your audience some credit.
- We've been seeing "good" Lionel for so long that it was a bit fun seeing the monster he used to be (and perhaps still is). Having Lex's mother -- who has always been portrayed as the one loving person in his childhood -- coldly tell him that he had done enough was surprisingly chilling.
- I loved how sadistic it was having evil, adult Lex physically force Clark to watch him and Lana make love. As Stewie Griffin would say, how deliciously evil!
- Kara remarking that her bracelet is the only thing she has left of her past came across as odd and contrived. I mean, as far as she knows, how is her bracelet any more significant that the clothing she was wearing that night?
- I love the idea of how, in his head, nothing Clark does can physically hurt Lex.
- Loved Lex's "it's like a reflex, I see you and I want to defend myself" line.
- I appreciate the idea that Clark struggles with giving up on Lex, but it's something we've seen so many times already. Honestly, at this point, just let them be enemies.
- Lex taking advantage of amnesia-laden Kara is very reminiscent of what he did with Clark when he lost his memory. And I don't mean that as a criticism.
- I must also note that the young actor who portrayed Alexander bears a striking resemblance to Michael Rosenbaum. Excellent casting job.

- So there you have it, Sayid is Oceanic #4. Most people would use that line to pick up chicks. Sayid uses it as an excuse to kill people. Geez, anything to get out of paying a gambling debt.
- I was about to remark on how surprised I am that Sayid is a player, but then I remembered that he shacked up with Shannon. Who knew?
- It occurs to me that Sayid is one of the very few characters that I always expect to die, but I now know he never does (not in the natural timeline, anyway).
- Loved the reaction on Kate's face when Jack asked Juliet -- and not her -- to do him a favor. And Miles still has some great one liners.
- Not the most masculine thing to say, but Jack and Kate flirting is cute.
- You just HAD to know that something would happen to interrupt Daniel explaining the whole thing with the time being different on the two clocks.
- I must admit, I was pretty surprised when it turned out that the girl future Sayid was seeing was actually using him, just as he was using her (which was obvious). One thing I was a bit confused about, though: Did Sayid give her that bracelet, or was she supposed to be the person that gave it to Naomi? Actually, I found his whole sudden attachment to Naomi a bit curious.
- I'm also not fully convinced that Kate decided to stay. I wouldn't be surprised if she was part of the exchange as well. I mean, it's entirely possible that Sawyer's argument that she was wanted for murder and has no reason to go home really hit her, but the fact that we didn't see her tell Sayid she'd rather stay makes me suspicious. Whatever the case may be, we've definitely seen a much darker side of Sayid this episode.
- The final scene, in which Sayid visits a veterinary office to get his bullet wound checked, I thought the doctor would either be revealed as Christian Shephard, Ben, or Matthew Abbadon. I'm sure I don't have to say this, but Ben is NOT one of the Oceanic 6, as he was never on the flight.

- I love how the people who basically said "you're not welcome to be with us" seconds later say "tell me we're not divided..."
- Maybe it's because I just watched Smallville, but it occurs to me that Jonathan has the same swagger and speaking pattern as Michael Rosenbaum's portrayal of Lex Luthor. They're both well spoken and intelligent, and seem like somebody you may not personally like, but you love to watch.
- While all the rat footage always freaks me out, I did get a kick out of the two rats kissing interspersed with clips of James/Parvati and Ozzy/Amanda sleeping together.
- Anybody else see Jeff totally check out Amanda's nip slip?
- I'm not sure if she consciously did this, but Cirie was brilliant for volunteering to go to Exile Island. As the swing vote, the risk of her getting voted out next time her tribe ends up in tribal council is even less than minimal. Along with that, she gets a chance at finding the immunity idol. And, as an obvious outsider, it's likely that Kathy is going to get gabby, giving her insider info that will undoubtedly prove helpful should she make the merge. If that's not enough, her tribe also probably figures she's doing THEM a favor.
- I'll be honest. I probably would have been a real asshole and buried the hidden idol clues after memorizing them.
- I totally understood what Mikey was suggesting with splitting their vote. But the way he was going about explaining it, even I was confused. With that being said, one of the best parts of watching the "Fans" is that EVERYONE wants to be the mastermind and orchestrate this tribal council coup. Considering all the chefs in the kitchen, I was actually surprised that any of the plans, at all, worked. But Mikey's reaction to Mary being voted out was pretty priceless.

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