Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few ground rules...

I'm hopeful that this blog will be an interactive method for me to discuss various topics with friends, readers, and anybody that shares my interests. However, there are a few rules I expect commentors to abide by.

1) When it comes to television, I do not read spoilers. This is especially true with Lost. Therefore, when I post something regarding any television series, expect that it will reveal what happened during the latest episode. Out of respect for those who may not have seen that episode yet, I will not reveal anything spoiler-ific on the main page (instead, you'll have to click to read the full entry).

As such, I expect those that comment to adhere to these rules. DO NOT, under any circumstances, reveal anything that has not yet been aired. This is a zero tolerence rule. You spoil anything, you will be banned (once I figure out how to do that).

2) If you don't agree with my views, that is perfectly acceptable. I encourage an intelligent, civil discussion on any topic I post. However, personal attacks upon me will not be tolerated, and you will be banned. Unnecessary roughness towards fellow posters is frowned upon as well.

3) While on the subject of zero tolerence, I have absolutely no patience for trolls. So just don't be one.

That's about it. Have fun reading and feel free to post your thoughts!

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