Friday, February 15, 2008

Geez, you mention parasites once....

So Google Ads is supposed to post ads that are revelent to the topics you write about, which makes sense. If people come to my blog to read about, say, Lost, it would be logical to advertise websites and products related to the popular series.

What are nine out of ten of my ads related to? Yep, you guessed it.... Human Parasites! Parasites get mentioned a few times in that damned Cloverfield explanation, and now practically all of my ads are for human parasites and worms. On top of it not being especially beneficial to me financially speaking, what on earth do these ads say about me? "Hey, you go over to Matt's blog lately? Yeah, I guess he's got parasites or worms or something."

And this post, my friends, would be what they call adding fuel to the fire. Lovely. Just lovely.


indyjeff said...

I've got "Lost Clothing," "Lost Episodes," and "ABC Lost Apparel" among other TV related Google Ads, so maybe it is improving?

Matt Basilo said...

Yeah, it looks like the ads have been a bit more relevent to my posts. Hopefully the issue has passed. Thanks for reading.