Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Case of the.... Lost - Episode 5-13 (oh, and 24 and Heroes as well)

No “Previously” scene at the beginning of the episode? Strange. Was this a first?

So this episode confirmed what most people had suspected already: That Miles is Dr. Chang’s son – the baby that we saw in this season’s premiere. And it seems that, sometime in the next few years, Chang’s wife leaves the good doctor. The impression I got is that Chang goes over the deep end, which, incidentally, sounds an awful lot like what happened to Charlotte’s family. I’m not suggesting that Chang is Charlotte’s father, but perhaps whatever happens to Charlotte’s father happens to Chang as well. Could this be the much alluded to Incident? Chang refers to it in later orientation videos, suggesting that the effects are not immediate, but perhaps it’s what sets everything in motion.

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For what it’s worth, we also got some insight into Chang’s outlook on certain Dharma experiments. For example, he thinks the polar bear hijinx over at the Hydra Station are nonsense. Sure, that polar bear mumbo jumbo is ridiculous to you now, but let’s see who you get to turn that donkey wheel, fella.

Speaking of which, I loved how Dr. Chang was reading baby Miles a children’s book about polar bears.

In other news… I mean, c’mon people, how could you not love New Jack? Old Jack probably would have empathized with Roger and assured him that Kate was merely being supportive. In other words, Jack would have set Roger at ease and made him feel silly for even questioning Kate’s motives. But what does New Jack do? He pretty much threatens Roger. Awesome. Just awesome.

I also loved how Jack reported this bit of news to Sawyer, completely unprovoked. Sure, there was a passive aggressive tone, but I like how he basically said, “You want to be leader? Here’s what happened, do what you want. But really, I already fixed it.” And then, moments later, yet another one of Sawyer’s plans completely fell apart.

Speaking of awesome, how great was it seeing Daniel again? As I mentioned in the past, this guy went from MVP to MIA. When the submarine door opened and a voice yelled out, I was certain it would either be Daniel or Desmond. Anyway, it seems like Sawyer’s vague “he ain’t here anymore” (paraphrasing) comment didn’t mean that Daniel died or lost it mentally. It seems he simply left the island. Follow up question: When? If you recall, when Horace first met our time traveling friends, he told them a sub would be leaving in a short amount of time (I believe two weeks). Perhaps Daniel decided to leave at that point, while the rest stayed. And then there’s the obvious second question: Where did he go once he left? He seemed awfully together (mentally), a far departure from the bumbling, grieving man we saw three years ago.

We also met Ilana’s statue shadow friend, who attempted to talk Miles out of going on the island expedition. This strongly suggests that they don’t work for Widmore, as many had theorized last week, but I also didn’t necessarily get the impression that they’re Ben’s goons either. For whatever reason, I just don’t see anybody who works for Ben giving up so easily. The whole, ”he didn’t listen, let’s throw him out of the van….but not before we slow down” thing didn’t seem like Ben’s style.

I don’t have many talking points for this week, but I do encourage my readers to send me some general feedback for next week’s Revisited column. However, I did ask a question last week that didn’t get any responses, so I’ll give it another shot:

Who do you believe is the better leader, Jack or Sawyer? Please try to support your answer.

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