Monday, April 13, 2009

WWE Draft Predictions

So the WWE Draft is in about, oh, five minutes, so I thought I'd provide some quick predictions (this may also be a good time to issue a forewarning that all of my reviews this week will probably be a day late). Anyway, the toughest part to predict is what will happen with the two World titles, Edge, and Randy Orton. Basically, I don't see John Cena (World Champion) moving to Smackdown and I don't see Triple H (WWE Champion) STAYING on Smackdown. But somehow they're going to have to even everything out RE: the World titles.

I also see Edge moving to Raw, if only to continue or provide closure to the Vickie Guerrero storyline. I don't see him being on the same show as Orton -- since they're essentially equivolents of each other -- but I'm not sure I see them moving Orton and Legacy to Smackdown.

Nevertheless, I'll play it safe AND dangerously....

Edge to Raw
Triple H to Raw
Orton and Legacy to Smackdown (Orton wins the WWE Championship at Backlash, keeping that belt on the blue show)
Jericho to Smackdown
Mark Henry to Raw
Big Show to ECW
Evan Bourne to Smackdown
Jamie Noble to ECW
Rey Mysterio to Smackdown
MVP to Raw
Candice to Smackdown
Santino to Smackdown
Matt Striker to Smackdown
Natalya to ECW
Nikki Bella to Raw
Michelle McCool to Raw
Chavo Guerrero to Raw
Hurricane Helms to ECW

I don't know, that seems to cover it pretty much. And that includes the supplemental draft as well. Enjoy the show.

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