Monday, November 11, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - November 11, 2013

11:08 - I have to say, that was a REALLY fun ending to Raw.  Ever since the Wyatts seemed to threaten the Shield's placement as the top heel team (not necessarily within the storylines, but rather to the fans and to the front office), there has always been this unspoken tension between them.  And they've always been kept apart.  Yet here they are, finally intersecting....and it.  Was.  Awesome.  The argument.  The tease.  The actual beatdown.  It was done perfectly.  As was the eventual pull apart and realization that they have a common enemy.  Very, very well done.  And you know what's rather telling, as well?  Bryan's music -- and not Punk's -- played to end the show.

10:48 - Is this the first time we've seen the Shield against CM Punk?  Punk and Shield had a brief -- but not quite official -- semi-alliance.

10:42 - Still don't dig the Daniel Bryan ponytail.  And bring back the ring jacket!

10:40 - This is like the longest feud ever.  These two have essentially been feuding since, like, June.

10:38 - Not sure why Heyman is so resentful towards Ryback and seemingly fine with Curtis Axel.  It's not as if Axel protected him any better.

10:29 - Wait....really???  Again, I'm all for a challenger being pushed strong, but it was at the expense of the wrong person.  They're trying to push Big E as a monster face....why is he tapping out clean to Del Rio?

10:28 - Are those little devil horns on Del Rio's tights design?  If so, nice touch!

10:17 - If they're NOT going to push Ryback, they need to just keep him off of TV.  I don't particularly like the guy, but jobbing him out is just destroying their investment.  Wrestling fans have a longer memory than you think, and having him tapping out to main event guys and losing to midcarders who rarely make a PPV payday destroys the appeal of a future match with Goldberg or Undertaker -- both of which have been rumored at one time or another.  Just keep him off TV.

10:11 - I know Nattie is supposed to be a beloved Internet darling, but I sorta love when they have AJ make her tap.  AJ was big time fodder for Natalya when she turned heel and joined up with Beth Phoenix.  It just shows how far she's come.

10:02 - That was actually a pretty fun match.  I'm sure people will complain about Cena beating two guys, and that's a fair complaint.  But it's not as if he squashed the guys, and it is the inconsistent Real Americans.  I did fear that Cena would piss away all of the goodwill he earned by promoting Cesaro at a live event, by making him tap out in a handicap match on TV.

9:36 - Yeah, that was a strange clip.  Fandango was pretty much the ONLY one who didn't come across looking badly.

9:30 - Wow, I actually really loved that segment with the Shield.  So rarely is ANYBODY allowed to show a backbone that it was such a relief to see this group of three stand up for themselves.  Well done.

9:20 - This is like a video game crowd, randomly yelling generic chants regardless of whether they make sense in the context of the match.

9:13 - I was just reading an article on and they noted how Kane's pocket square is supposed to resemble a flame.  That is quite possibly the most awesome "Little Thing" I've ever seen.  Well done!

9:09 - I'm all for champions actually winning....AND cleanly.  But it's sad to see Ziggler filling that role.  Has there ever been a period in time that virtually every single "Internet darling" was being handled in such a disappointing manner?

8:58 - When Dolph was put in a feud for the United States Championship a couple months ago, I was disappointed because it was such a step down from being World Champion.  Now, I'd be relieved if he won the Intercontinental Championship, as it would be a sad step up from where he's been at.

8:53 - I still really wish they would do something with Kofi Kingston.  Has he done anything in the past year and a half?

8:48 - While I think a little bit of an edge could only do Damien Sandow good, I do fear that he's now moved into that group of people who abandon their unique entrance attire to just wear their t-shirt to the ring.

8:39 - I just now noticed that Los Matadores have switched between pink masks and blue masks.  And Jesus Christ....why must we see a variation of this match AGAIN!  What percentage of matches have Los Matadores' matches been against 3MB?

8:29 - Do they need to go the entire show without an announce table now?

8:25 - While I like Cody's green gear, I'm kinda surprised he doesn't wear a gold/black combo that matches Goldust's garb.

Still miss the mustache, though.

8:12 - So odd that Vickie is acting like the face here.

8:09 - Who grows their hair back just to appear to be balding?  I am curious, though, if they'll change Kane's theme.  And what will his gear look like?  I also find it funny that people keep calling him Libertarian, since he hasn't done anything particularly political.  He's just wearing a suit now.

8:01 - Oh, a lovely and touching video that everybody is going to get pissy about.  So self serving blah blah blah.  Now, onto business.  They've decided to recap the very portion of the show that most people hated the most.

7:51 - Alright, pre-Raw discussion time.  I haven't read the spoilers, so it's a "live" show for me.  Will we learn more about Kane's new role?  Will Miz turn heel?  Will it be a satisfying show for the viewers?  Check out in about 5-10 minutes to find out.

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