Monday, November 4, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - November 4, 2013

11:07 - Well this is a surprising sight of Kane.  And not a good one, for that matter.  Say what you will about Kane, but the guy didn't need a character rehaul.

10:45 - As others have noted, there's nothing less likable than traditionally "hot" women doing the "Loser" sign to the girl with the quirky personality.

10:42 - I will be glad when WWE gives up on this Bellas face turn run.

10:34 - Believe it or not, these Los Matadores highlights are from 15 separate 3MB matches.

10:23 - Is Ziggler's hair pink too?

10:07 - Wait, really?  They're going to RESHOW all this legal crap?  In its entirety?

10:00 - I wish they hadn't been so inconsistent with how they present Antonio Cesaro.  He always has these great showings against main event players, but then a couple of weeks later they'll have him jobbing to Santino.

9:48 - Tyson Kidd returns and gets a nice win after a strong performance.  But he's trending because of Total Divas.

9:46 - I like that Zeb and Del Rio are still hostile towards each other, despite now both being heels.  Nice touch.

9:41 - I'm not completely sold on this Goldust/Cody Rhodes mash up.  I normally love when they mash up two people's themes, but this doesn't seem to mesh.  It just seems like they're playing Cody's theme over Goldust's theme.

9:24 - Wait....THIS is how they reintroduce Tyson Kidd???

9:17 - This lawsuit is based on one person beating people up, and another person insulting people.  You really expect wrestling fans to get invested in that?  They watch three hours of that.

9:12 - I am quite certain that Dolph Ziggler would have received similar treatment had he been voted in.

9:01 - Wow, sorta surprised Big E won in such a landslide.

8:57 - Disappointed that WWE didn't get custom Red Sox side plates made for that championship.

8:50 - I'm pretty sure neither of those things were slander.

8:47 - Told ya' that would happen.

8:44 - Careful Alberto, you might accidentally show some personality.

8:37 - Greatttt, now we get to see the extremely entertaining and unique Kofi Kingston lose clean via tap out to the ultra dull and generic Alberto Del Rio.

8:33 - Yeah, if I'm going to start talking about wrestling, it's not going to be about this match.

8:27 - Wait, it's November.  October is over.  Why is the pink rope still there?  And who are the heels still wearing the inspiring Rise Above Cancer t-shirt line?

8:24 - Oh, another thing I hate about the sideburns.  He keeps the part of his facial hair that comes in patchy.

I promise, I'll talk about wrestling at some point tonight.

8:16 - Oh, forget Punk's sideburns....Bryan BEST be getting rid of that ponytail.

8:08 - I know I sound like a broken record, but I still can't stand Punk's sideburns.  Granted, the grown in hair and the lack of traditional facial hair DOES make him look younger and less angry, but I'm of the mindset that he's not SUPPOSED to look like a young up-and-comer.  Part of what made the pipebomb speech work was the fact that Punk -- with short hair and thick beard -- looked like a weathered veteran, and it gave his words a lot more substance than it would if he looked the part of a fresh faced youngster.  And I get it -- right now, he's not playing the part of the angry and bitter man impatiently waiting for his opportunity to get to the top, but still.  He looks better with that experienced edge.

So, to summarize, grow the damn beard back.

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