Monday, November 18, 2013

LIVE Raw thoughts - November 18, 2013

11:03 - I will admit that the Mysterio return was a fun surprise.  And -- AGAIN! -- they end the show on Bryan's music, not Punk's.  Even though Punk won the match.

11:01 - The last five minutes of that match....why on EARTH is this not happening at the PPV instead of Rowan & Harper getting a tag match???

10:39 - Great crowd tonight.

10:35 - I will say this...the artwork for these Survivor Series promos are kinda all sorts of awesome.

10:33 - I am still shocked...SHOCKED....that they aren't putting this on the PPV.

10:29 - I still don't like Bryan's pony tail.  And I think the Goat Face shirt is lame compared to his recent awesome ones.

10:26 - WWE just used more pyro for this performance than they have in the past year on Raw.

10:23 - I won't deny that Florida Georgia Line are far bigger stars than virtually any wrestler, but how many fans said "I hope Road Dogg shows up" or "I hope Mickie James shows up"?  More than a few.  How many said "I can't wait to watch Raw to see a country music performance?"  Virtually none.

10:00 - Still hate when Alberto Del Rio comes out in a t-shirt.  Completely contradicts his aristocratic character.  I still dislike any scarf he wears that isn't white (remember how they used to make a big deal out of how it represented purity and wealth?)

9:56 - When, in kayfabe terms, you return from injury too early and re-injure yourself, you can't really call that "bad luck."

9:49 - Orton having the Shield watch is back while demanding's like watching Punk from last year.

9:47 - Shocked...and THRILLED!....that they gave Ziggler the win there.

9:41 - "What?  It's the go-home show before a PPV?  Let's talk about the announcer's selfies."

9:28 - AJ's accidental face turn > Miz's purposeful heel turn

Honestly, why is this girl NOT a face now?  I really hope this was the actual turn.  Oh, and I SOOOO hope that the non-Total Divas aren't made out to be the jealous bad guys in the elimination match.  Although I am excited that AJ and JoJo will now be in the same match!

9:25 - So is this entire segment just an FU to AJ for passing out?

9:23 - After all of these years, it's quite shocking that Vickie doesn't have theme music.

9:19 - According to Twitter, the Miz did turn heel.  And while it didn't set the world on fire, I do appreciate the fact that they actually had him turn.  How often do we just see somebody transition from heel to face or face to heel without doing anything to demand the turn?  Yes, it's good to give the audience that sort of power, but it feels like so long since we've seen a truly memorable turn.

9:18 - I stepped away.  Any heel turns?

9:11 - Think we'll see that Miz heel turn tonight?  And with the way both he and Kofi have been treated the past few months, do you think anybody will even care?

9:01 - I'm not really a Ryback fan, but I just don't understand why they're messing with a potential investment.  There are repeated rumors of a match with Goldberg or Brock or Undertaker or whoever, and having him job every week -- even if he looks dominant -- only tarnishes that.  Why not just keep him off TV for a few weeks or months?  Let him redevelop and allow the audience to WANT to see him again.  WWE already jobs out half of their roster...there's no reason to use him in this role.

8:44 - The only thing less interesting than watching a game of musical chairs is watching a CRAPPY game of musical chairs.

8:38 - Most certainly the right move.  However, Axel without the title AND without Heyman probably does not bode well for him.

8:19 - I have to admit, Orton using the mic to pummel Maddox was a cool effect.  Actually sounded brutal.

8:11 - Strangely, Kane has wore more outfits in the past three weeks than he has in his prior 20 years in WWE combined.  By the way, I'm betting (hoping?) that Langston wins the IC title and he joins the Traditional Survivor Series team.

8:03 - I hadn't intended on doing Raw thoughts tonight, instead opting to relax and watch the show.....but the announcement of tonight's main event was enough to annoy me into posting something.  People were seriously looking forward to Bryan/Punk/Rhodes/Usos vs. Shield/Wyatts at Survivor Series....why on EARTH would they announce two inferior matches for the PPV (Byran/Punk vs. Wyatts and Rhodes/Usos/??? vs. Shield/Real Americans) and give THAT match away, on free TV, on the Raw before the PPV?

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