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LIVE The Walking Dead thoughts - Episode 4-5

Be sure to click the link below for my LIVE thoughts of this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  Obviously, spoilers are within!

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10:01 - So the episode actually ended with the Governor returning, and it appears that next week's episode will focus on him as well.  Which means, conceivably, we could wait two weeks before we see the Rick/Daryl discussion.

What's interesting is that, despite it only being the fifth episode, Daryl and Carol have been kept at a distance.  They had that cute little "Pookie" moment in the first episode, but since then, for one reason or another, they've been on different paths.  And after four seasons of people asking "will they get together," the discussion suddenly shift to "what's going on with Daryl and Michone" after four EPISODES.  Will that apparent drift impact Daryl's reaction?

9:52 - Alright, some quick thoughts on those aforementioned exhilarating scenes.  I know Carl is a very polarizing character (as was Laurie), but I actually think he plays an extremely important role.  Yes, he's done some troubling things, like murdering a surrendering boy, but you have to consider the environment he's grown up in.  I mean, the poor boy had to shoot his own mother in the head to ensure that she didn't become a zombie.  So I actually really enjoyed the scenes he shared with Rick just now.  I thought it was sweet that, when push came to shove, Carl was the person that Rick turned to when he needed help.  And the proud looks Rick gave him throughout the episode -- first when trying to repair the fence, and then again when they fought off the walkers -- were downright sweet and touching.

The jail cell scenes, frankly, probably gave me gray hairs.  That was intense.  And while not killing off any of the central character might seem like a "cheat," I'm personally happy.  Let our heroes overcome something.

I'm guessing the episode ends with Rick talking to Daryl about Carol.

9:48 - Clearly, this isn't the easiest show to do LIVE thoughts for.  It's VERY tough to look away from the TV!!  But those were some mighty exhilarating scenes, both in the cell block and outside.

9:35 - In.  Tense.  Jesus.

9:25 - Every Rick/Herschel interaction is absolute gold.  These two characters have tremendous chemistry together.  After all they've been through and after all of the tough decisions they've had to make (sometimes together, sometimes against each other), there's just so much history between them.  I do have to admit, though, that I'm mildly disappointed that they didn't show Rick telling him.  Based on Herschel's reaction, I got the sense he didn't disapprove of Rick's decision, but still.  I would have liked to have known how Rick told him.

9:16 - The popular theory is that Herschel is going to be the greatest detractor to Rick's decision to banish Carol (after Daryl, likely) and that he might have actually agreed with Carol's actions.  But after that scene with the doctor, I'm not quite sure.  Carol was willing to murder two people in an uncertain situation in order to save the group.  Herschel was not willing to let a dying man die, despite the fact that it could conceivably save many others who are in an equally dire situation.  I'm now not sure Herschel would agree with Carol's actions.

9:12 - I was glad that Rick was honest with Maggie about Carol.  I was actually wondering if he'd lie to her, and say she got killed.  It's a big world out there and basic means of communication are impossible.  He could have gotten away with lying, but didn't.  And Maggie -- the person who would likely give him the least resistance -- was a wise choice (from a storytelling standpoint) for the first person he tells.

9:07 - All of Tom Sawyer in one night?  While you have the flu?  That's kinda rough...

9:04 - Did Rick already break Carol's watch??

8:47 - I thought I'd try something new by doing my LIVE thoughts for The Walking Dead.  Obviously, there will be spoilers within.  Once the episode has ended and the post is complete, I'll do a page break for those who visit the blog after tonight but have not yet seen the episode.  But for tonight -- BE WARNED! -- there will be spoilers posted as they happen.

And speaking of spoilers -- I avoid them at all costs.  I don't know what's going to happen in any given episode beyond what we see in the official previews.  So if you'd like to contribute to the conversation, please do not reveal anything that has not happened yet!  And that includes what happens in the comics, which I do not read.  Thanks!!

So last week's episode ended with Rick banishing Carol from the community.  Did he make the right choice?  And did he know the entire time that he was going to abandon her?  Somebody on Twitter suggested that Rick was testing her the entire time, waiting for her to show a moment of humanity.  But she failed, and as a result, he kicked her out.  I quite like that theory, as he did speak to her as a person throughout (particularly their discussion in the garden).  I've grown to really like Carol, so I certainly hope this isn't the last we've seen of her.

Alright, check back in a couple of minutes for my ongoing thoughts.

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