Sunday, November 17, 2013

LIVE The Walking Dead thoughts - Episode 4-6

Be sure to click the link below for my LIVE thoughts of this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  Obviously, spoilers are within!

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10:01 - So it looks like we're going to get a second Governor-centric episode next week, which means we'll have to wait ANOTHER week to see how Daryl reacts to Rick's decision to oust Carol.  I enjoyed the episode and am intrigued by the decision to soften the Governor's character.  Even if he is "good" now, how could the group possibly accept them into their family?  What's the end game?

9:58 - That Governor is a resourceful killer, I'll give him that.

9:55 - By the way, has any one character gotten more action than the Governor?  Well, I guess Shane and Laurie have both had multiple lovers, but anybody else?

9:54 - Told ya!

9:46 - Governor urging them to leave the room after the father passed away was strangely sweet.  He was genuinely concerned about them.

9:43 - Actually, the King piece looked more like him when he had the beard.  Wait, it actually looked a lot like Herschel.

9:36 - Who doesn't know what a pinky swear is?

9:33 - Governor is definitely going to hook up with this chick.

9:25 - What do you think the significance is of the Governor folding the photo to block his image?  I'm guessing it's to show that he's disgusted by what he's become.  The sight of his own face makes him sick.

9:13 - I love how this family apparently has no sympathy for what this stranger has been through.  They're just generally annoyed that he is quiet and damaged.

9:08 - Haha, "Pound it."

9:04 - Oh yay!  Crazy bearded Governor!

8:40 - Same rules as last week.  Obviously, there will be spoilers within.  Once the episode has ended and the post is complete, I'll do a page break for those who visit the blog after tonight but have not yet seen the episode.  But for tonight -- BE WARNED! -- there will be spoilers posted as they happen.

And speaking of spoilers -- I avoid them at all costs.  I don't know what's going to happen in any given episode beyond what we see in the official previews.  So if you'd like to contribute to the conversation, please do not reveal anything that has not happened yet!  And that includes what happens in the comics, which I do not read.  Thanks!!

So this week's episode will apparently catch us up on what the Governor has been up to since last season's finale.  And, I assume, we'll be delaying the Rick/Daryl Carole discussion until next week.  Check back in about 20 minutes and I'll do my live thoughts of the episode.

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