Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Case of the.... Lost - Episode 5-4 Revisited

The first e-mail comes from former Inside Pulse writer Andy Campbell. It focuses mostly on the previous week’s episode, but it’s still relevant:

I love your theory about Desmond & Penny being "Adam & Eve" and Charles Widmore being Penny's son rather than father. I think that's awesome.

As for Locke being Jacob, it's an interesting idea for sure, but I believe Jacob had a different color eye (brown) than Locke (blue). I wouldn't write off that theory completely, though.

You asked for thoughts on Richard Alpert, and here is mine: I think he is one of the ancient inhabitants of the island... from the days the ruins were made. The way it plays out in my mind is that, at some point, he takes off his shoes to reveal 4-toed feet... just like the statue... meaning that the statue was a colossus of Richard himself.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

Even though I presented the theory of Penny actually being Widmore’s mother, and not daughter, to be honest I’m not sold on the idea. Unless they slyly reveal that Penny was adopted, it just seems too complicated and convoluted, and for what result? A neat little “betcha didn’t see that coming!” moment that doesn’t really add anything significant to the overall story? Trust me, I think we will see many, many interesting twists that we aren’t expecting. I’m just not sure this is one of them.

My theory that Locke and Jacob are one in the same was based strongly on the idea that the Oceanic survivors can’t see their past or future selves, which was evidently shot down in last week’s episode. I still think it’s a possibility, just not for the reasons I originally assumed.

I love the idea of Richard having four toes, and discovering that the statue is actually a destroyed or unfinished relic of the unaged inhabitant. What I do wonder about Richard, though, is why is he perpetually the right hand man? Considering his seniority and possible immortality, why isn’t he the leader? He indicated that the selection process is very intricate, so what is he missing (aside from a fifth toe, possibly)?

Speaking of the four toed statue: What is with the fascination with this thing? I very, very rarely ever read articles or message boards regarding Lost, because I’m scared to death of accidentally coming across a spoiler, but it seems like whenever I do, somebody mentions the four toed statue. This thing was shown once and, if I remember correctly, hasn’t been mentioned a single time (on the actual show), yet there are mounds upon mounds of people who continuously ask “what’s the deal with the statue?” As if THIS is the one unanswered thing that needs to be answered. I just don’t get it.

The following comes from one of the comments on the EW.com review of last episode:

Has anyone yet noted that this season is about -- more than anything else -- motherhood? Danielle is going to give birth, Kate is being Aaron's mom, Desmond looking for Faraday;s mom, Charlotte forgetting her mother's maiden name...

I really loved this observation. So much of the series has had this common theme of people being/having crappy fathers (Jack, Locke, Michael, Ben, Penny, Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Hurley....need I go on?) that it's an excellent point that this season HAS placed the focus on mothers. And in virtually every case, the mother represents some form of salvation (Kate is protecting Aaron by posing as his mother, Desmond needs to find Faraday's mother in order to save everybody, Charlotte forgetting her mother's maiden name is putting her life in danger, etc.)

This can be explored even further. This season's darkest character has been Sun, who, despite being a new mother, has been completely detached (geographically – but perhaps emotionally) from her daughter. We've also seen Claire's mother mourning the apparent death of her daughter. This is worth noting because of the fact that they had fallen out before Claire's fateful plane ride. And finally, Hurley's mother is the only person he's entrusted with the truth about what actually happened following the crash.

Through the magic of time travel, we've also presumably seen Daniel interact with his mother in the past, and we've now met a glowing, very pregnant Rousseau (a far cry from the emotionally beaten woman we met in the first season).

I think everybody should make a point of noticing any other mother references that occur throughout the rest of the season. Please e-mail me any that I might have missed.

As I mentioned in my original column, I’m rooting for Kate to end up with Jack. But since they already screwed the pooch with the flash forward episode, and have set up Sawyer as this martyr of sorts, I’m a bit skeptical. However, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to read many of the posters on the EW website talking about how Sawyer is a lot more into Kate than she is into him. The way the author of the review so eloquently put it, Kate didn’t fall out of love with Jack, she fell out of trust. And I think I unwittingly echoed this sentiment in my review (that’s right, I’m hitching my horse to that wagon) when I discussed two longing looks: Kate’s expression was a clean shaven, well dressed Jack stepped out of his Jeep, and Sawyer when he saw Kate delivering Claire’s baby. Again, it’s important to note who was staring at who: Sawyer was gazing at Kate, while Kate set her sights on Jack.

Honestly, I think Jack should end up with Kate, and Sawyer should end up with Juliet. By the way, I didn’t read the Lost article in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly (with Jack and Kate on the cover), but in the tidbits I saw, they are surprisingly pushing for the Kate/Sawyer pairing. Even from a storyline perspective, I just don’t think that relationship is as strong. What do you guys think?

One final note: Last week’s episode really pushed this whole temporal displacement syndrome (the nosebleed thing). What I don’t get is that, theoretically, couldn’t all of them just use each other as their constants? I mean, they’re people they know in the present, and are with them in the past/future as well. For that matter, isn’t the whole temporal displacement thing when your body and consciousness are at different points in time? That’s not what’s happening here, so perhaps this is something entirely different. And, as such, a constant wouldn’t solve it. Thoughts?

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