Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: TV Round Up!

Well, I will say this for Heroes: I typically watch 24 and Heroes right after one another, starting at about 11:15, making my Monday nights pretty late (especially when you consider that I have to type up a review afterwards). Well it’s been a really long and tiring day, and the weekend wasn’t particularly restful. So when it came to watching one of the shows tonight and saving the other one for tomorrow, I went with Heroes, despite the fact that I’ve really, really enjoyed 24 thus far. I don’t know if it was morbid curiosity or I was genuinely interested in what was going to happen next (perhaps both), but Heroes got the nod this week.

A Case of the.... Heroes - Episode 3-15:


A Case of the.... 24 - Episode 7-8:


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