Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Case of the.... Lost - Episode 5-5

I’d say everything’s coming together quite nicely, wouldn’t you?

Everything with Jin and Rousseau was absolutely phenomenal. I loved how, at the beginning, Jin would look at Rousseau and her boyfriend with a pained expression on his face. Naturally, a lot of that has to do with the fact that he’s currently estranged with his wife, both of whom have no idea if the other is even alive. But, to me, there was another level to it. I think it was genuinely difficult to see Rousseau and her boyfriend so happy together, knowing the tragic fate that awaits them.

It was also awesome seeing the reversal of the classic role. Throughout the first season, Rousseau acted as the “guide,” or sorts, to the Oceanic survivors. She told them about the Others, and I believe the Smoke Monster as well. This time, however, Rousseau and her crew were the confused and startled newbies, while Jin was the knowledgeable, grizzled veteran.

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I am disappointed, though, that we didn’t see the “what” and “how” of the sickness that afflicted Rousseau’s crew. It’s too bad that they just “flashed” past that. One second everybody is happy, the next lovers are killing each other (perhaps one of them received a text message asking for a booty call). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed what we saw and I’m grateful to get that….but there also seemed to be a gaping hole in the story (obviously). The question is: Why not just tell us now?

By the way, I think we may have already known this, but I liked the fact that the Smoke Monster was around in 1988. We did get one tidbit: It’s a security system (which Rousseau has mentioned before) that protects the temple. The same temple that the Others used as a safe haven when the freighter folk made their attack.

I will also say that the reunion between Jin and Sawyer was one of the most genuinely happy and touching moments I’ve ever seen on this show. This series is just fantastic at reunions, between when Michael, Jin, and Sawyer rejoined the Oceanic survivors after their raft trip went awry, and when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer returned from their Others adventure. It’s quite the striking contrast when compared to what we saw this very episode, with the Oceanic Six and Ben.

Speaking of which, considering how cold and dark Sun has been so far this season, it was rather nice and refreshing seeing her have that gentle conversation with her daughter.

How could you not love an episode with Christian Shephard? I tell ya’, between Christian and Alpert (with Dan the Lawyer on deck), this show honestly has the best line up of minor characters in the history of television. Christian made an interesting comment by noting that he had told Locke, and not Ben, to move the island. Perhaps that is the reason why things ended up the way they did. Maybe the Oceanic Six leaving was inconsequential. And if it wasn’t, consider the fact that Ben was the one who told them they could leave. While it goes without saying that Ben is up to SOMETHING, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that he’s no martyr here. I also find it interesting that Christian, who is acting as the “voice” of Jacob (I think), had such a negative view of former golden boy Ben.

I did find Christian’s, “say hello to my son” comment very intriguing. For a while now, I’ve been wondering if this spiritual entity is actually the ghost of Dr. Christian Shepard, or if it’s just a vessel for a more power being (like Jacob….or the Smoke Monster). This seemingly throwaway salutation may indicate that yes, indeed, this is Christian (although the Smoke Monster has shown method-actor like commitment to the role of whoever it is disguised as).

So it seems that Charlotte was the first casualty of this temporal displacement. Before dying, she made a few interesting revelations. She confirmed what we already knew, which is that she was born on the island. But she also disclosed that Daniel had gone back in time and warned her never to return to the island, or else she would die. Interesting. One must wonder, though: I was somewhat under the impression that this time traveling was happening because the donkey wheel became dislodged. Locke evidently fixed this. Does that mean that the island has been stabilized? If so, will they no longer jump through time? If that’s the case, Daniel MUST get off the island somehow, because we’ve already seen him on the island during the Dharma era.

Speaking of confirmed suspicions: We now know for a fact that Ms. Hawkings is Daniel’s mother!

This week’s assignment, to be discussed in next week’s “Revisited” column: What’s the deal with Christian Shephard? Is this all-knowing spirit actually him? Or is it a higher power? Can his situation (dying right before the crash and then being resurrected on the island) be equated to Locke’s?

Also: What are your thoughts on the “rules” of time travel? Charlotte suddenly remembered meeting Daniel as a young girl. Does Daniel remember meeting a pre-island Desmond? Does Widmore remember meeting Locke? Does Richard remember meeting Locke? Any theories?

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