Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well that's just great....

So People Magazine is reporting that the love of my life, Rachel Bilson, is now engaged to Hayden Christensen. Well isn't that special?

Perhaps I'm in denial, but I'm skeptical. If anybody has ever read any Rachel Bilson interviews, they've probably noticed how incredibly secretive she is about her personal life. Whenever she's asked about her romantic relationships, she outright refuses to answer, saying that she doesn't discuss private matters. So for some reason, I find it hard to believe that she'd suddenly decide to pour her heart out to some perfect stranger, knowing full well that it'll probably spread to the media.

And honestly, Hayden Christensen? The guy who made DARTH F'N VADER into a whiny bitch??? How is that even possible? At least Adam Brody was cool.

Also in the news:

So it appears that Chris Brown's songs were completely blacklisted from SiriusXM. It goes without saying that any form of domestic abuse is unacceptable, but I can't help but feel like Rihanna is getting preferential treatment here. I mean, if she wasn't famous, would radio stations and sponsors care THIS much about Chris Brown allegedly beating up his girlfriend? How many musicians have been accused of abuse without experiencing this sort of backlash? Didn't R Kelly urinate on a prepubescent teen? It should be all or nothing, because right now the impression I get is that they only care because Rihanna is famous.

Al Sharpton recently spoke out (shocker) against the New York Post for printing a political cartoon, which alludes to the recent chimpanzee attack. The controversial drawing features two police officers standing over a gunned down chimp, with one of the cops saying, "They'll have to find somebody else to write the next stimulus bill."

While I find Al Sharpton to be an extremely vile and obnoxious individual that has exhibited far more instances of racism and bias than virtually any of the people he has accused of such deeds, I have to admit, this was a pretty distasteful satire. When you sit down and look at it objectively, you'll realize that (a) Obama didn't WRITE the stimulus bill, he SIGNED it. Therefore, it's not an attack on him. And (b) even if it was, George W. Bush was CONSTANTLY depicted as an ape. Is Obama completely off limits because he's half black?

That being said, the connection there is absolutely obvious. Who in their right mind would look at that political cartoon and not immediately think the monkey represents Obama? Whether that's the intended message is irrelevant, because that's the immediate connection people are going to make. And the powers that be must have known that. At least they should have.


Kyle Litke said...

Yeah I agree. I don't like the Post, but I don't think the cartoon was supposed to represent Obama, not at all. That being said, that was my very first thought on seeing it, and the editors should have known it would be for many other people as well.

Matt Basilo said...

I think that pretty much sums it up. Was it racist? I don't believe so. Was it mind numbingly poor judgment? Absolutely.