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A Case of the.... Lost - Episode 5-6

“We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

A few weeks ago the “Left-Behinders” got their centric episode, which was lauded as one of the most exciting and compelling episodes ever. Now it’s the Oceanic Six’s turn. How did their episode hold up? Actually, I’d say phenomenally well, which is a bit surprising considering that many fans have considered the Oceanic Six the weaker half of this season’s story arc.

Most people would disagree with me, but I actually really enjoyed the two separate stories – with Sawyer, Juliet, and the freighter folks on the island shifting through time and the Oceanic Six, Ben, and Desmond figuring out how to return to the island. Seeing these two groups in such a huge contrast and in such different settings really revitalized the show. Naturally, the Oceanic Six HAD to return to the island – and I’m sure the story will be brilliant upon their return – but part of me wishes they had put off the reunion for a little while longer.

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It’s rather amazing when you think about it, but over the past two seasons or so, Lost has introduced several incredibly awesome new characters. It says like I’m saying “this new character really intrigues me” at some point during each of my reviews. Off the top of my head there’s Alpert, Daniel, Miles and Dan the Lawyer has a lot of potential (although we may never see him again, given what happened at the end of the episode). Right now, though, I’m a huge fan of Ms. Hawking.

In fact, her opening scene was pretty unprecedented. Have we ever had such an extended scene in which a character essentially gave a monologue explaining in full detail one of the show’s mysteries? Speaking of that scene, can somebody tell me what the date was on that top secret U.S. Army photo of the island?

I also loved the way Ms. Hawking interacted with the rest of the characters. It’s almost as if she was representing every snarky fan who watches the show. First she nonchalantly admitted that Ben probably wasn’t being honest when he claimed that he didn’t know about the LA Dharma station, and then she called Jack out on simply discarding something as “ridiculous,” despite all he had experienced in the past three and a half years.

One thing that did surprise me, though: Is it me, or did she seem awfully emotionally detached from her son? She didn’t seem the least bit worried about his well being (he IS on a crazy island with a smoke monster, after all), nor did she seem particularly touched to get his message.

Anyway, we learned why Locke has to die: He needed to act as a proxy, essentially having to take Christian’s place on the flight. And in order to do that, Jack needed to give him something of his father’s. And as a result….

The tennis shoes are finally explained! It seemed that Jack didn’t want to waste the time or money to buy his deceased dad a nice pair of shoes, figuring that nobody would see his feet. So, instead, he threw on a pair of old tennis shoes. Hence why Christian was wearing tennis shoes with a suit during his early Ghost Dad appearances. Did we know that already?

Speaking of Jack, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to throw the television when he returned Locke’s suicide note. I mean, it’s not as if you’re about to do something exceptionally complicated. Ya’ know, not at all something that you might need special instructions for. I’m terribly relieved that he did eventually read it and that we actually got to see the message (and by the way, how much did it kill Ben that Jack not only got to stay “after school” with Ms. Hawking, but that he received a personal message from Locke as well?)

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the turbulence began just after Jack read Locke’s note, which simply read “I wish you had believed.” Perhaps Jack needed to believe in order for them to return to the island, and it wasn’t until he read Locke’s dying wish that he had become a true believer.

I’m curious to see who was brought to the island following the bright light. Obviously Jack, Kate, and Hurley were. The previews suggest that Locke, Sayid, and the officer were as well. I would assume all of the Oceanic Six transferred, and that the officer did as a proxy to the federal agent that was with Kate. But what about that guy who sent his condolences to Jack? They seemed to make a point of bringing attention to him, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him again. How about Frank (awesome seeing him again, by the way)? If you recall, he was originally supposed to be on the Oceanic flight. So it would make sense for him to return, because it was arguably his destiny all along to be on the island. And wouldn’t it be awfully ironic if, after all of this, the island didn’t accept Ben back, and he just ends up in Guam?

Speaking of the (former?) leader of the Others, Ben really is a diabolical little man, isn’t he? Listen to how casually he brought up having to tie up a loose end, presumably referring to his promise to “take care” of Penny (follow up question: How did he get so battered and bruised? What happened to his arm?) And then he carelessly said that he doesn’t even care what happens to the other people on the plane. I’m sure Jack is second guessing who he got into bed with.

That’s as good a segue as any to bring up Kate. I also have to ask: What the hell is her deal? Every time she gets upset, she beds somebody. And after spending the night with Jack, she acts all cold and distant the next day and at the airport, even harshly saying, “We’re on the same plane, that doesn’t mean we’re together.” That chick can be twisted. But I do have a homework assignment for you readers: What do you think she did with Aaron?

I’m interested in finding out the circumstances behind how Sayid and Hurley ended up on the flight. How did Hurley get out of jail, and why did Sayid get arrested? And, from a writing perspective, wouldn’t have made more sense to just make Hurley the prisoner? Anyway, somebody obviously spoke to Hurley (Ms. Hawking?), but did Sayid have any idea that everybody else would be on the flight? He seemed genuinely surprised. And who the hell gets sent to GUAM when they’re arrested? By the way, how much did you love that Hurley bought every available seat, as to prevent innocent people from being killed (or even worse, ending up on a dangerous island) should the plane crash? Such a teddy bear, he is.

There were some fun “recreation” moments this episode. Of course, there was Locke as Christian. Then you had Sayid taking Kate’s place as the prisoner in transit. You had Hurley taking Charlie’s place, with guitar in tow. Arguably, you had Ben taking Hurley’s place, as the frantic passenger who nearly missed his flight. And can somebody remind me who – if anybody – offered their sympathies to Jack after his argument at the check-in counter when Oceanic originally stated they would not transfer Christian? If it was somebody who ends up on the island, then that may confirm that the guy in first class gets sent to the island.

And how f’n incredible was that ending???? The characters are now stuck in the island’s Dharma era….and Jin is part of the Dharma Initiative!!!

Here are some questions and observations I’d like all of to send me for my Lost: Revisited column (send me an e-mail or comment on my blog):

What year was that top secret U.S. Army photo of the island dated?

What do you think Kate did with Aaron?

How did Hurley get out of jail? Who do you think told him about the 316 flight?

What did Sayid do to get arrested? Did he know the flight was destined to return him to the island?

Other than the Oceanic Six, who do you think got transported to the island?

Who, if anybody, offered their sympathies to Jack for the loss of his father before the doomed Oceanic flight?

Do you think there’s any significance as to where each person “landed” when they returned to the island?

What loose end did Ben have to tie up? How did he get so bloodied and bruised?

If there is anything else you’d like to discuss, I’m here!

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Kyle Litke said...

For what it's worth, while Locke and Sayid at least are a safe assumption, if you were talking about previews for next week, I believe that was supposed to be previews showing Locke's time off the island, and don't confirm if him, Sayid, or the Marshal actually did make it or not.