Monday, February 16, 2009

Well I did not see that coming....

So last night's Pay-Per-View, No Way Out, sure had some interesting repercussions for WrestleMania. The Sunday's event featured two Elimination Chamber matches, for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The first match of the night saw Edge losing the WWE Championship, and Triple H walking away with the gold (by the way....Triple H and the Undertaker in the curtain jerker?) The final match saw Edge interjecting himself into the World Heavyweight Title bout and walking away with THAT gold.

So as it stands now, both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships are on Smackdown, with Triple H and Edge as the respective champions (sound familiar?) Randy Orton, as winner of the Royal Rumble, will be in one of the title matches. One would presume he'd face Triple H, who's the only face in this scenario. If that's the case, I imagine that Triple H is returning to Raw (wow, didn't even last a year on the supposed "B-show"....what a trooper). Where does this leave John Cena, the company's biggest star? Edge vs. Cena seems a bit out of nowhere, and I don't see Cena getting traded to the blue show.

Two things are for sure: After No Way Out, the Road to WrestleMania has been completely reshuffled. And Raw should be very interesting tonight.

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