Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Case of the.... Heroes - Episode 4-9

Rickey had this to say in regard to last week’s review:

Sylar lost all of the powers he stole in season 1 after he was “killed” except for his telekinsis

I’m not quite sure which “death” Rickey is referring to, but this is simply incorrect. Since the beginning of this season, he’s used his healing ability, his shape shifting ability, his ability to fly, and his ability to learn the history of items just by touching them. Hell, in this episode alone he shape shifted and flew. Sylar innately uses his telepathic ability, but his full resume is far more impressive.


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indyjeff said...

The show definitely indicated that Sylar lost all of his season 1 abilities when he was injected with the Shanti virus in season 2. When he used the syringe to cure himself in the season 2 finale, he was then able to use his telekinesis, which is apparently considered his primary ability, (along with intuitive aptitude) even though it wasn't his power to begin with. Heroeswiki's Sylar page here: http://heroeswiki.com/Sylar includes this claim, as well as a link to this Behind the Eclipse Q&A with the show's producers: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=18281 They confirm that he did lose all of his season 1 powers except for the telekinesis, and claim that he kept that because of an empathic connection to Brian, who was his first kill and the one he took the telekinesis from.

Now there are clearly problems with this explanation, as this chat took place mere weeks before the season 3 episode "I am Become Death", which is where Peter goes to the future and finds Sylar in the Bennett home in Costa Verde. There he not only "goes radioactive", as Matt has alluded to, but also uses Isaac's precognition to paint the future. Another "Behind the Eclipse" chat (http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=18423) claims that he must have reacquired those abilites between season 2 and that future, but it seems more likely to just be lazy screenwriting/continuity.

I was also wondering if anyone thought that the "glowing hands that were seen this season could have possibly been from Elle's lightning power, rather than Ted's radioactivity, but I can't specifically recall when that scene took place so it may have been quite clear that it was the latter.

Hopefully that clears up what that initial commenter was referring to, and what he based that claim on. One word of warning: if you intend on reading that Sylar wiki page, feel free to take some sort of motion sickness pill beforehand, as reading a summary of all Sylar's changes in direction/motivation/allegiance in season 3 alone could very well cause nausea, seasickness, and possibly epileptic seizures in mere mortals like us.

Matt Basilo said...

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the great comments. You've certainly thought out your argument, and it's hard to disagree with a lot of what you've pointed out. To me, though, it boils down to lazy and inconsistent writing.

For the most part, the main argument people have is, "He lost all his powers, except for the ones he still has." There's no rhyme or reason, really. Nobody disputes that he still has his original ability, as well as his telekinesis. Why would he still have those and not the rest of the powers he acquired? For that matter, the Haitian also suffered from the Shanti virus, but upon receiving the vaccine, he was right back where he started. Therefore, there's no indication that the Shanti virus brings you back to square one.

The way I see it, the burden of proof is on the writers to show me that yes, he did lose those powers. Until I explicitly hear otherwise, I'm going to continue to believe the he has all of his original abilities, but chooses to only use a select few.