Saturday, November 21, 2009

Survivor Series thoughts and predictions

So Survivor Series is this Sunday, and surprisingly, the card is very similar to the one I had suggested a few weeks ago. Actually, aside from one participant, the Divas Elimination Match is the EXACT formation I had proposed. Sure, I'm a bit disappointed that there are only three elimination matches, but I can also understand why. Admittedly, I was having quite a bit of trouble coming up with 10-man matches near the end (you haven't a clue how close Funaki came to appearing on a PPV again, according to my card).

And actually, the matches look pretty interesting. The one thing that bothers/surprises me, though, is the curious choice of team captains. The biggest head scratcher is the Divas match, led by Mickie James and Michelle McCool, respectively. It was a bit surprising to see McCool leading the Divas side, when Beth Phoenix is the one getting the mega-push, and is constantly referred to as the most dominant Diva on any of the rosters. So you might think to yourself, "Well, Michelle is the Women's Champion." That's true -- and it's a valid reason to be named captain. Except on the babyface side, Mickie James is the captain, with Divas Champ Melina on the team as well.

I'm most disappointed with the decisions revolving Team Kingston and Team Orton. Sure, Kofi's getting the well-deserved super-push to main event status, but it's a little discouraging seeing an upper midcarder captain a team that includes the ECW Champion -- a championship that is technically supposed to be a World Title. Likewise, it saddens me that Super Bland himself, Randy Orton, is team captain when CM Punk, the hottest heel they have right now, stands in the background.

Oh, and how must Matt Hardy feel? Taking a backseat to John Morrison. You think they'd ever do that to Jeff?

Anyway, here are my predictions:

John Cena retains the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels and Triple H
Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho and Big Show
Batista defeats Rey Mysterio. Rey does the stretcher job
Team Kingston defeats Team Orton (Kofi and Christian survive)
Team Morrison defeats Team Miz (entire team survives)
Team Michelle defeats Team Mickie (Beth Phoenix sole survivor)

It looks like a solid show. Enjoy!

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Javier Rivera said...

I would love to see HBK get he strap here, just to see him have another run with the belt. He hasn't been World Champion since 2002, and even then he was only champion for a month! I would love to see HBK as champion and build up to a HHH/HBK WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 26... but, i have to agree with you in that i believe John Cena will retain the title.

Matt Basilo said...

You're preaching to the choir regarding putting the gold around Michaels' waist. I've long felt that they have enough "special attractions" -- particularly, those under legends contracts -- that they could do a "Legends Tour" exclusive to their house shows. This could compensate for not having their WWE Champion on the road (and honestly, the vast majority of people don't expect to see a title change anyway).

Nonetheless, I was glad to see Michaels kick off the match the way he did. Otherwise, they risk making him look like a sap.

Matt Basilo said...

I guess I spoke too soon -- tonight we had a quivering Shawn Michaels and an angry, intimidating Triple H. Sigh.