Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family Guy KidRobot Fantasy Line Up

Regular readers likely already know about my borderline obsession with collecting Simpsons and Futurama KidRobot figurines. For those of you unfamiliar, KidRobot figurines come in "blind" boxes, which means you don't know which character is inside when you buy it. And there are odds of it being certain characters.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Family Guy will be the next popular series to get this treatment. Using The Simpsons as my model, here is my fantasy line up:

Odds: 2/24
1. Peter Griffin
2. Lois Griffin
3. Chris Griffin
4. Meg Griffin

Odds: 1/24
1. Stewie Griffin
2. Brian Griffin
3. Quagmire
4. Cleveland
5. Joe (with wheelchair!)
6. Mayor Adam West
7. Mort Goldman
8. Tom Tucker
9. Opie
10. Bruce
11. Carter Pewterschmidt

Odds: 1/48
1. Death
2. "Beautiful Person" Peter (Post-cosmetic surgery)
3. Pawtucket Pat
4. Herbert

Odds: 1/96
1. Upside Down Face
2. Nate Griffin

1. Evil Monkey
2. Giant Chicken
3. Greased Up Deaf Guy

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