Monday, November 2, 2009

Heroes: Breaking News

Shortly after posting my latest Heroes review, sources confirmed that Adrian Pasdar, who portrays Nathan, has been let go from the show. I suppose the writing was on the wall, as Sylar (physically speaking) took back control of his body, essentially leaving the series Nathan-less for the past few episodes.

I do commend the series for eliminating one of the "protected" original characters, but I really can't help but feel like they hitched their wagon to the wrong horses. Honestly, what has Parkman contributed to the series in the grand scheme of things? And haven't characters like Mohinder and Hiro been running around in circles for the past couple of seasons? And don't get me started with whatever character Ali Larter is playing. In my opinion, Nathan was one of the few legitimately interesting characters that still had some fuel left in the tank.

Anyway, here's the official story from

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