Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Case of the.... Heroes - Episode 3-7

Has anybody ever said to you, “Hey, did you ever notice that huge mole on Terry’s forehead?” Despite having never noticed Terry’s mole before, now every time you see him, that’s all you can see. I think Heroes is in a similar boat. There’s a very vocal group of people complaining about certain deficiencies. Fans read these complaints, and suddenly that’s all they can see. That’s why, overall, I try to steer clear of message boards. As a whole, the posters tend to be entirely too negative, and their negativity is contagious. I enjoy Heroes. For the most part, I really like most of the characters, and I’m interested in the story. In hindsight, yes, season two was an epic disappointment. But why would I judge this season based on last season’s less than stellar performance? The writers have made a concerted effort to remedy their mistakes, and while the writing hasn’t been perfect, it’s been (in my opinion) pretty fun and exciting.

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