Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This makes my blood boil

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: The proceeding message is in NO WAY anti or pro either candidate. I would feel this way no matter who the following ad was aimed at. I'd even feel this way if the precious Rachel Bilson was involved. Now you know I'm not kidding....

I really hesitated to comment on this video, because I really don't like discussing politics. It's a very sensitive, personal subject that almost always results in arguments (arguments, mind you, in which nobody EVER changes their mind). But this video, in which young celebrities encourage kids to "talk to their parents" about voting for John McCain and to vote for Obama "before it's too late," really infuriated me.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea of young people being encouraged to vote. Too many people in their early 20's -- who turned 18 between elections -- aren't even registered to vote, and that's really disappointing. And while it annoys me having to constantly see celebrities on their soap box while on some political crusade, they do have every right to express their opinions. So while seeing popular celebrities endorse somebody to unfortunately impressionable young adults isn't ideal, nobody can stop them from doing it.

What REALLY gets under my skin, however, is how astronomically asinine that advertisement was. You don't want people to vote for McCain? That's perfectly fine. But why? Give viewers some substantial, concrete information about why he's not the right candidate (and no, briefly showing a "drilling for oil" hat doesn't cut the mustard). And why should we vote for Obama "before it's too late"? What about that particular candidate makes him the superior choice? Talk about some of his policies or what he's done in his political career that makes him the ideal President.

And I find it tragically hilarious how these young voters are talking about how their parents shouldn't vote for McCain just because "everybody their age is doing it." Why not just say, "Hi pot, I'm kettle. Did you know you're black?"

The fact of the matter is that Obama IS the ideal candidate for many people. And that's fine. But this was a tremendously hollow, pathetic video. One that I find astronomically offensive. Do these people honestly think so little of their demographic that they can just say "don't vote for McCain. Bad things will happen. Vote for Obama. Rainbows will dance"?

Absolutely dreadful. This video actually made me sad.

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