Wednesday, October 8, 2008

True Blood

The following True Blood thoughts comes from my good friend Frank:
I feel like the show relies too much on it's unique theme and feels it doesn't have to actually have much in the way substance. I watched the first couple of episodes in which they spent the time explaining what the deal is with the vampires. But they didnt do so in a way that made me care, so after I got the point of how vampieres and humans interact in this world I wasn't interested enough in the specific characters to continue watching.

I think, as far as the earlier episodes go, that's a fair criticism. But I think once the premise was established, the series did a nice job of developing the central characters and creating an interesting story arc, particularly with the murder mystery.

I would also so that the past few episodes have done a fantastic job of making me care about the characters. I thought the grandmother was especially likable. She was so incredibly cute during the church scene in the last episode. And I clearly grew attached to her, because I was legitimately sad when Sookie discovered that she had been brutally murdered. Honestly, it was a genuinely upsetting moment. She was just such a good hearted, sweet woman. And one of the truly tolerant and understanding characters. I'm still a little sad.

I also initially disliked Jason -- and, I think to an extent, I still do -- but I got a real kick out of him getting high off of vampire blood (the second time around). The goofy look at his face as he'd stare blankly at various objects was pretty hilarious.

I like the 180 they've pulled with Sam's character as well. He was initially presented as the kind, nice-guy-finishes-last guy next door. Now we find out he's jealous and vindictive. And possibly a killer (although we do know that he likes to smell sheets after a dead body had been lying on them). It also appears that I was right about him being the dog that's constantly protecting/following/stalking Sookie.

But is he a vampire? I originally thought that perhaps he is. Sookie was very deliberate in revealing that we know nothing about his family or where he came from. But at the same time, he's venomously anti-vampire. And Sookie can read his thoughts (albeit in a unique way), while she can't with Bill. So what is he?

Speaking of Bill, he's one of my favorite characters. He actually reminds me of John Amsterdam of New Amsterdam. He's a genuinely charming and likable guy, who has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and talents due to his exceptionally long lifespan. Come to think of it, this latest episode was very reminiscent of the Fox series, with some flashbacks providing the character's backstory.

And then, finally, there's Sookie. I'm going to repeat what I've said in the past: Anna Paquin positively fascinates me. I don't know what it is. There's just something about her that I find very attractive, physically speaking. Which is odd, because she's so NOT your traditional TV beauty.

So yeah. I like the characters. I'm intrigued by the mystery. Two thumbs up from me.

But I'm still sad about the grandma.

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