Sunday, October 5, 2008

So does this officially make me a celebrity blogger?

So not six days after my discussion with Alexie Gilmore about what would have happened on New Amsterdam, I have yet another celebrity encounter.

Yes, yesterday afternoon I was in New York City, joining a friend of mine at a bagel shop a couple of blocks from her apartment, and who walks in? Vincent D'Onofrio, star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

Naturally, I attempted to take a photo of him with my crappy camera phone (while pretending to be taking a call), and just as unsurprisingly, it didn't come out too well. But I will say this: He's a pretty big guy!

Oh, and after we finished eating, I went back to my friend's apartment. When I left, I saw him once again, this time walking down the street. Turns out, he lives right across the street from her.

Why cant' this sort of thing happen with Rachel Bilson?


Drowsey Monkey said...

Damn, wish I lived across the street from him ;) I'm a little obsessed ... but in a non creepy way :)

Matt Basilo said...

Considering that I have over 10 posts devoted to Rachel Bilson, you owe me no explanation.

If I see him again, I'll try to snap you a better photo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing - at least you saw him, and you can tell it's definitely HIM from the photo ;0)

Lozzie Cap said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience like this. I live in the UK and have no hope whatever of ever meeting VDO, so things like this are all the more special because of that!

Anonymous said...

wow what a lucky lady you are. i have a favor to ask. would you be so kind as to share vincent's home address with us fans? since you live across the street from him. you will get to see him anytime you want. that's so amazing. i just want to send a fan letter to him.

phillipo said...

thanks for sharing

he's a very nice guy,
and taller than every machine behind him LOL

ya know, he probably would have just waved and smiled for the camera...if asked.

sharing vincents address would not be "so kind"

he has a fan mail address on the reel, use that instead. we all love his work but geeze,
let the man have his peace!


Anonymous said...

to phillips actually it would be very kind and very generous. and the only address i found on the real is for fanmail to go to the loci set. it gives no home address. so if anyone knows it. would you be so kind to share it? please

Chiara said...

Please do not post Vincent's address. The person who asked is a known stawker. She hasn't even read and understood your post. Real fans respect Vincent's privacy. Thank you.

Lozzie Cap said...

PLEASE, do not post details of where Vincent lives.

He is a man who gives a great deal of himself when he is working, and is therefore even more entitled to the preservation of his and his family's privacy.

Thanks for reading! I'll get off my soap box now :D

val said...

I agree - I mean I'd LOVE to have his address, but as a true fan, I'd be horrified on his behalf if anyone posted it, and no true fan would ever ask.

Thanks for sharing your good fortune wih us. Don't be shy about the number of posts you've done of your fave rave - I have over 1600 posts on my blog, and at least three quarters are of Vincent!

Anonymous said...

it's ok for him to be private. i understand that. but you live across the street from him. are a fan. and get to see him anytime you want from your own home. i think it would be a nice thing to do. for us fans who really like him who want to send a fan letter. or a picture for him to sign. i don't think he would mind if you shared it with fans. who don't mean him any harm. only to send a fan letter or picture. please share with us. some celebrities home addresses are very hard to find online.

Matt Basilo said...

For what it is worth, I was deliberately vague about where I ran into him (notice I simply said "New York City" and didn't even specify if I was on the East or West side). I would never, EVER do something as intrusive as reveal his address. As far as I am concerned, that's a complete invasion of privacy. And even if it weren't, it's not in the least bit my place to reveal such information.

That being said, I'm glad that so many people enjoyed this short tale. I never would have guessed he had such a huge following.

gyang333 said...

as much as I would love to have his address so I can go visit him, i know that that is a complete invasion of privacy, and I know that even if I don't stalk him, there will be those that will if provided with that information, so I don't understand how you can even justify it susan :S

and yeah, Mr. D'onofrio is the best!

phillipo said...

to susan,

come on honey, are you serious?

"you" might be harmless but think about other people who may not be so.....harmless,

if the whole world knew where he lived, his whole family would suffer.
people would be sending stupid things, ringing his doorbell, hanging outside his home, harrassing his wife and children. we dont want to put him through that,

settle down girlfriend, think about it for a minute.

have u ever seen fatal attraction?

it's a sad fact, but...there are some strange people on this planet. they may not even be fans of vincent, they may just be flat out weird. dont you want to protect the man u say you care so much about?

send him a letter to chelsea peirs.

for what it's worth, this holiday season my partner and i are planning to send vince and kate holiday cards and we may even find a local florist to send them flowers to chelsea peirs,
im sure they wont be turned away. people who do things for the reasons of kindness are always blessed with getting their message across.

maybe we can all work together and find some one who would be willing to accept gifts and cards for them over the holidays and make sure that they get them.
lets find a better way to show our guy (and gal) that we love the show and appreciate their work.

this CAN be done with out invading any ones privacy.


we're in california so it's hard to get info from here.

its nice that u live close by. do us a favor and maybe do a little research of chelsea peirs, ask the guard or someone to tell u the best way to get these fan letters to our favorite people.

u can be the man on the streets for all of us. and help keep our guy safe at the same time

how much of a fan r u? do u like the show?

u would be like, the coolest man on the planet if u could set up a p.o. box or something, just for the holidays, i know a few people who would be glad to help pay for it, to send letters.

u can email me at

we dont want any private info about him but...if u r interested... we can do this off the radar, for his sake.

if not..we would totally understand. its not your job to be fan mail central but...alot of people would be greatful.

thanks again


Matt Basilo said...

To be perfectly honest, I actually don't know much about Vincent, and I've actually never seen Criminal Intent. From what I've heard and what I've seen, he's an incredibly talented actor, but I'm afraid I can't consider myself a "fan" since I don't follow his career.

I'm sure he would be flattered by all of this support, however.

Despite not being a fan, per se, I do hope all of you will continue visiting my blog (which is entertainment-related). And please feel free to comment on any of my other posts.

Anonymous said...

to phillips your right maybe it's for the best that his home address remain private. i don't anyt6hing to happen to the best celebrity on tv. gotta love him. so sweet. i will my letter to chelsea piers. and i am thinking of getting both him and kathryn something nice for christmas.

judith said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I completely adore Vincent D'Onofrio, but under no circumstances whatsoever should his home address be made public. Why? Two words; John Lennon! Shot dead by a 'fan'on his own doorstep....

Vincent has a right to a private life with his family and frankly, it's none of our business where he lives.

Thanks again for sharing your picture and story and I'm sure you're wise enough not to post V's address for all the universe to see ;0)

s said...

Matt Basilo;


Thanks for the picture; though it's all blurry, and from the wierdest angel possible, it's actually very pleasant, and accurate enough for Vincent's dedicated fans, to recognize their favorite guy.

For all I know, had it been me in your place, my hands would be shaking so bad from the excitment, that I'd end up taking the bagel's picture, instead -maybe it's a good thing, that you're not a Vincent's fan, after all.

The second half a million of my thanks to you, goes to the way you so cleverly, kept your silence about Vincent's address, and even the location of his bagel hang out.

His privacy should be respected;
that's the least we owe him.

I, as well as many other Vincent's fans, will definitely be glad to visit your blog regularly; who knows, you might be visiting your friend agian, anytime -the one who lives across the street from our favorite guy....!!

Ive already payed my respects to you on thereelblog -which feels like a second home to me- but decided that my gratitude "in person" would be more apropriate.

So thanks again, for sharing this pleasant adventure, and you trophy, with us...!!