Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've infiltrated!

"I do hope that the 53,497 Vincent D'Onofrio fans that have visited my blog in the past few days have decided to stick around for some of the other content (such as this)." - yesterday's blog post

So I came to discover that my blog has been mentioned on the Vincent D'Onofrio IMDb forum, which I actually think is pretty damn cool. But I did want to clairfy something that I think may have been misunderstood: I am in no way upset about the traffic the site has received. I'm actually quite excited, as this is the most activity my blog has received yet (with a record number of comments on a given posting, and a record number of people voting in an individual poll).

I will again confess that I'm not really a fan or follower of the actor, but I genuinely do hope that those that have visited the site within the past few days continue to do so, despite the fact that I won't really be discussing him (although I'll be sure to let you know if I do run into him again).

Just wanted to make sure everybody understood that I didn't mean anything offensive by my "53,497 Vincent D'Onofrio fans" comment.

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Elizabeth said...

Glad you're cool with Imdb. Intrigued to know how you got to know about the comments. Like your political rants and points of view. I've got some good reading to do and thanks.