Monday, November 24, 2008

A Case of the.... 24: Redemption

After last season’s less than stellar performance, I’ve found myself very unenthusiastic about a show I once gushed over. When it was announced that the series would go nearly two years without a new episode, I was surprisingly complacent. In the past, the eight or nine month wait would feel unbearable. What could have possibly gone so awry?

I think at its core, 24 decided to do away with all those little things that made it so clever, unique, and charming, and soon became a parody of itself. It honestly did begin to resemble those stereotypical action flicks, where nonsensical twists and turns would take place in between illogical and unnecessary explosions. Along those same lines, the stories got progressively less intelligent. Another thing that set 24 apart from most other popular series was the show’s willingness to kill off main characters. And the writers would do a brilliant job knocking them off (who could ever forget George Mason’s sacrificial death, or Jack being forced to execute his boss Chappelle, or Teri Bauer’s unexpected murder?) By the end of season six, these supposedly major deaths had become forgettable and, again, nonsensical. It seemed more about shock value than anything else.

All of that being said, I thought 24: Redemption was absolutely fantastic.

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