Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So today marked the death of XM Radio and the birth of Sirius XM. And while I didn't notice any significant difference regarding the music being played, one thing that jumped out at me is how much more talking there is. And that's a bad thing. With all due respect to any current and aspiring DJs out there, when I turn on the radio with the intent of listening to music, the LAST thing I want to hear is some guy telling me what I am about to listen to. Or what i just listened to. It's not even necessary, considering that the artist and song title now appears on the digital display. And I especially detest their lame attempt at humor. If you were funny, you'd be a stand-up comic. And if I wanted some commentary, I'd be listening to AM.

Anyway, one of my favorite things about XM was that, for the most part, the DJs simply played the music. Every now and then they'd make an inoffensive comment, which was fine, but overall they allowed people to listen to their tunes. But today, I was pretty taken aback by how many times the DJs interjected. It was actually getting to be a bit much.

Oh, and there were A LOT of promos as well. But I let that slide, figuring that they were simply trying to create some brand awareness.

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