Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Case of the.... Smallville - Episode 8-10

To quote Chandler Bing, “Could that beginning BE any more Cloverfield-esque?”

So I have to apologize for my absence last week. Truth is, I didn’t know there was anything to be absent over. For whatever reason, my local WPIX affiliate didn’t air last week’s episode of Smallville. I figured that it wasn’t on, because the previous week’s episode (the one with Kara’s return) aired a preview for “Bride” (this week’s episode). Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

So anyway, let me just say “sorry” now, because certain things might be just a bit confusing. For example, apparently Chloe had amnesia (on Smallville? Never) and now no longer remembers that Clark has abilities. And Davis and Chloe kissed. That’s a pretty huge plot device, so I’m a bit disappointed that I missed it. Anyway, on with this week’s episode review….

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