Friday, November 14, 2008

A Case of the.... Prison Break - Episode 4-10

In my Heroes column and on my blog, I’ve been discussing this – in my mind – completely unfounded belief that Heroes is on the verge of cancelation. People go on and on about how the ratings have gone down, but consider this: Is anybody out there proclaiming that Prison Break is a show in crisis? I mean, they’re on Fox, a station notorious for not giving their programs much of a chance before axing them. Fox also has a long line of hit shows to fall back on (which NBC does not). Perhaps most significant, this past week, Heroes LOST 330,000 while Prison Break gained 175,000 – yet Heroes STILL brought in over two million more viewers.

People are so dramatic when it comes to Heroes.

But this column isn’t devoted to Heroes, it’s about Prison Break. Last week I complimented the way Bellick’s death was handled, and that continued into this week. Sure, the St. Brad stuff got a little heavy handed at times (T-Bag fondly reminiscing about Bellick was perhaps the biggest stretch), but I thought it was an overall sweet way for his character to be remembered. I was especially pleased with the way Mahone refused to deliver the goods unless Bellick’s body was brought to his mother. And I liked Sucre’s feeling of responsibility to contact Mrs. Bellick.

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