Thursday, November 6, 2008

Survivor annoyances

As per the etiquette discussed in my previous post, click the "Read More" link for my thoughts on tonight's episode of Survivor. There are some spoilers (if they're still considered that), 'natch.

While I completely understand that there's a lot of stuff going on that we the viewers don't see, and that there's a lot of information we're privy to that the competitors aren't, it absolutely drives me crazy when some of the players make completely asinine decisions.

Such was the case tonight, when Susie decides that she's going to jump ship. Let me get this straight: Instead of being part of the majority that always wins, you decide you want to be part of the minority that always loses? What sort of sense does that make?

And yes, I recognize that, in her eyes, she's the low person on the totem pole. But she still had a better chance of making it to the final six (which, of course, WE know never would have happened -- but she didn't) and hoping that she can survive based solely on immunity challenges and becoming the swing vote. I really don't know what her plan is, because even if they make it to the merge, they still won't have the numbers. Next time Fang loses, Matty's getting voted off. And if Koda loses again, they'd probably vote a tie anyway.

And you know what? She spent the entire season bitching and complaining about her status within the alliance, and they made it perfectly clear that this was the case because they were worried she would flip. And what does she do the first chance she gets? Flips.

But man, are things ever going to be awkward between Marcus and Crystal's cousin...

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