Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Case of the.... Prison Break - Episode 4-11

So a week after my long rant about how nobody’s going ballistic about Prison Break possibly being cancelled (unlike Heroes, which brings in better ratings), rumors began circulating that this could be the series final season. This would be disappointing, of course, but you also have to consider that a show like Prison Break wasn’t meant to last ten years. Another year would be nice, because I do think there’s fuel left in the tank, but quite honestly, if this season ties itself up with a “happy ending,” it would quite possibly be the perfect way to conclude the series. The Company is taken down, Michael and his crew become completely free men, Michael can sail into the sunset with Sara, and those who didn’t survive either received their retribution, or died heroes. A very strong argument could be made that this is the right time for the show to call it quits.

Anyway, this week’s episode of Prison Break was another exhilarating one. I do have one major qualm, though: During the heist, why on EARTH would you send the guy who has repeatedly passed out and had seizures, who you know isn’t supposed to push himself physically or mentally, out on a wobbly, narrow plank to delicately sneak into a glass prison to nab their salvation? Yeah, yeah, I know he’s the star of the show, but it (a) took away from an otherwise incredible and flawless scene, (b) it made the rest of the team look incapable, and (c) it made Michael pretty unlikeable. I mean, is Michael so prideful and egotistical that he would risk the freedom of the rest of his team in order to be the big hero? That’s awfully selfish.

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