Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WWE Bound? Have faith in Christian

So the latest rumor going around is that TNA Superstar Christian Cage is set to make his return to World Wrestling Entertainment, just three years after taking a leap of faith and joining the distant #2 company, Total Nonstop Action. Truth be told, while it was a risk, Christian moving to TNA ended up being an enormously beneficial move. Undoubtedly, the Canadian Superstar's stock has risen exponentially following his tenure in Jeff Jarrett's playground. But, alas, THIS is the time for Christian to return home. At this point in time, TNA is far more overstocked in the main event scene than any of the three WWE Brands, which means -- logically speaking -- a move to WWE could place him higher on the overall pecking order.

So, assuming that he does return to "New York," what should be done with Christian? Here's what I would do....

I've long said that I believe Edge should return as a face. Don't get me wrong, I think he's the best heel in the company. And, at the moment, Smackdown has a lot more top faces than they do top heels. Despite this, a face turn would freshen up Edge's character dramatically. And I honestly believe that, if handled correctly, the fans would really get behind him. In an odd way, I actually think that the Edge-ster has been on hiatus a bit TOO long, to the extent that I don't think many fans even remember that he was at odds with his allies.

Nevertheless, I'd book Big Show vs. Undertaker for Survivor Series. At the end of the match, I'd have all of La Familia come in and start attacking the Dead Man. In the midst of a brutal, non-PG beat down, I'd have Edge's music play over the speakers. La Familia (with Vickie) would stand in the center of the ring, not sure what he would do. The announcers would naturally assume that he's there to join in on the attack. He'd grab a chair, indicate that he's going to beat down Taker, only to crack the chair Big Show over the head. He'd then Spear Chavo, and attempt to fight off his former Edge Heads. Taker would then rise to his feet, and the two Superstars would clear the ring. After briefly staring each other down, Edge would leave the ring (incidentally, this would also be a nice mirror image of what happened the year before).

Similar saves and attacks would happen over the next few weeks. Then, one week on Smackdown, La Familia could figure out some way to lure Undertaker from the arena. In that night's main event, lets say Edge vs. Chavo, La Familia can run out and start beating down on their former leader. Again, a brutal attack. As the fans chant for Undertaker, suddenly Christian's theme plays. The announcers are understandably confused as Christian's rushes down to the ring and clears the ring of the heels. As the show ends, Edge and Christian stand in the ring reunited.

Oh, and Tomko could fit into all of this pretty effectively as well. I could totally see Tomko matching up against Bam Neely.

But after the Undertaker/Edge/Christian vs. La Familia feud, what could be done with Christian? I'd actually move him to ECW, and make him the star of the show (sorry, Matt). Put the ECW Championship on him, and maybe even the WWE Championship on Edge. At the next draft, hopefully Christian will have fully established himself as a "Player," at which point he can be moved to one of the main brands.

Like I said, I truly do hope that Christian returns to WWE. This is the perfect time for him to do it.

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