Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Republi-Can I make a correction?

Longtime reader Dan had this to say in response to my 24: Redemption column, in which I wondered if female president Taylor is the first instance of a Republican commander-in-chief on 24:

Keeler ran against Palmer in season 3, so he and Logan must be Republicans.

Dan is spot-on correct. In fact, I half-remembered that, except that I got a little confused because season 4's Keeler was an honest, upstanding, honorable man. Season 3's version was conniving and underhanded, as he plotted with Palmer's ex-wife in order to blackmail him into dropping out of the election. Clearly, it was easy to forget that they're one in the same.

Anyway, Keeler ended up being hit with a missile while in Air Force One, and was possibly killed. Logan disgraced the nation and was forced to resign. Then he was stabbed by his ex-wife, and was possibly killed. Could the third time be the charm for the Republican party? Lets hope, for Ms. Taylor's sake.

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